Five Ways To Say F*ck Trump and Support Black-Owned Brands At the Same Damn Time

I remember years ago when my blog was still fairly new, I made a joke about Republicans, basically implying that you were crazy if you choose to be one. A woman commented and expressed to me that I should not make jokes like that because Republicans can read my blog and I shouldn’t offend people, and that I shouldn’t mention politics at all. But it doesn’t matter that Republican ideals and policies are offensive to me, right? Okay. Well let me be clear, if you are a Trump supporter (not necessarily Repub), I do not care about hurting your feelings. In fact, I would love it if you didn’t read my blog or watch my videos at all. My blog/channel is a hobby for me, it does not support my livelihood, and it’s supposed to make me happy and be fun. Communicating with Neo-Nazi apologists or bigots is not fun. So there’s that.

But with the most recent meltdown and rants coming from the Cheeto, I decided that something positive can come out of this. I love supporting black-owned brands, and I cannot stand who is currently in the White House, so why not combine the two? Check out these shirts from black-owned brands that will make your position on the current administration loud and clear.

via Legendary Rootz

1. Legendary Rootz #FDT Cropped Tee, $25. Buy it here. I mean…he’s not. Shrug.

via Tees in the Trap

2. Tees in the Trap The Only Donald Tee, $26. Buy it here. Where is the lie? I don’t see it…

via Spring it On Tees

3. Spring it On Tees Locked and Loaded Tee, $30. Buy it here. Because really, what the hell is taking so long?

via Rebellious Black Soul

4. Rebellious Black Soul Deportation Tee, $25. Buy it here. Seems much more logical than deporting good people because of their race or religion.

via B.A.M.N.

5. B.A.M.N. Don’t Let Your President Get Your Ass Whooped Tee, $25. Buy it here. Look, I do not advocate violence, but don’t start none, won’t be none.

Which one is your fave? What other black-owned fashion brands do you love?