Five Black-Owned Beauty Launches You Don’t Want To Miss

Your wallet is screwed, y’all.

  1. The obvious launch, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, is scheduled to be released on 9/8 at Sephora and Harvey Nichols. They have been hella hush hush on the products, but word on the street is that there will be a highlighter and holographic lipgloss. And knowing Rih, I feel like there will have to be some amazing lipsticks. Reclaiming my coins for this one. Please note that Fenty is technically not black-owned as the parent company is Kendo, but I will be supporting Rihanna on this one.

2. My new favorite nude lipstick brand, Mented Cosmetics, will be blessing us with glosses on 9/1. If you aren’t familiar, Mented created nude lipsticks for women of color with a range of gorgeous shades – they remind me of an Amplified MAC formula. And since I’ve been on a huge gloss kick, I need. They posted screen shots from Hello Giggles yesterday, and Send Nudes and Mauve Over are my must haves, although if they offer a discounted set, that might need to happen because they were all great shades. They’ll be available individually for $15 a pop.

3. Palm Mini Nail Lacquer is launching on 10/1 with 10-free nail polishes. They are also vegan and cruelty free. From the looks of their IG page, there will be nude shades as well as some brights. With shades like Caramel Drizzle and Fudge Please, I’m already hungry.

4. The makeup muva, Pat McGrath, has brought us multiple limited edition collections, and is now bringing a permanent collection on 9/16 (the eyeshadow palettes will be out 9/28)! Items include eye palettes, lip pencils, new cream lipsticks, eye liner, and a mascara. I have been looking for a mascara from a BOMB for quite awhile (and have also refrained from buying a new mascara even though I need one), so at the very least, my lashes are about to get the hook up.

5. Although known for their lipsticks that last for what seems like forever, Beauty Bakerie also makes some damn blingy highlighters, called So Icy Illuminators. I have a couple and let me say…these are not for subtle highlights at all, but that’s how I love them! And new shades are coming – their initial release was comprised of more classic shades (tan, gold, etc), but the new launch consists of green/gold, purple, and pink glows. They have not revealed a firm date yet, but they’re coming soon. They are also launching glosses this fall.

What BOMB launches are you looking forward to?


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