Beauty Bakerie’s Cake Face Foundation: Holy Grail or Nah?

So before I begin this review, I want to make a couple of points about my skin and what I prefer in a base product on my face. My skin is combination, leaning on the dry side, and I’ve been paying a LOT more attention to skincare as I approach my mid-30s (I turn 35 on Tuesday!), so I usually try to get away with using a mattifying powder only as my foundation. Because my skin is also sensitive, a lot of people’s favorite products freak my face the eff out, such as the Mario Badescu facial sprays, Pixi Glow Tonic, pretty much any silicone-based primer, and more. In a nutshell, my skin is annoying. My holy grails are pretty much all natural ingredients, such as aloe vera gel, witch hazel, and shea butter.

When I saw that Beauty Bakerie was FINALLY releasing their foundation, I was ecstatic. When I read the ingredients, not so much. I’m okay with silicones in my makeup (for skincare it’s a no go for me because they don’t really do anything beneficial for your skin), but I was concerned that the silicones in the formula would freak my skin out. But I love Beauty Bakerie, so I planned on buying it anyway. But praise em! They sent me a few bottles to try out – I was HYPE when I found this out!

Regarding the range, they are releasing 30 shades, with 10 each of cool, neutral, and warm undertones. They also numbered the foundations starting with the deepest shades instead of the lightest ones, which I think is pretty badass. They also have a shade comparison guide on the site to help you select your shade, which I know is a total pain to do online.


Arm Swatch Full Range of Cake Mix Foundation | Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics Brand

via Beauty Bakerie

My foundations arrived in the evening, and I was set to use it the next day. Out of the three shades they sent me, #35 seemed to be the closest to my skin tone, although it might have been a little warm (my skin is like neutral leaning warm). #31 looks like it could be my summer shade.

Again, since my skin is dry (especially in winter), I use oil in the morning as part of my skincare routine followed by my Black Girl Sunscreen and Laura Geller Hydrating Primer (I’m open to a new primer, especially if I find one from a BoB). During my testing, I tried blending the foundation a few ways – using flat foundation brush, Beauty Bakerie’s Blending Eggs (I love these!), and my fingers. I liked the foundation brush the best over time. UPDATE (4/16/18): Today I blended with my Moda Prismatic brush and OMG – love!! Definitely using this brush from now on – application was so buttery. My preference is for my foundation to look like my skin but better, so I only use one pump, and maybe a little more on my nose because that’s my oily area.

I did not find the foundation difficult to blend in at all, but I do think that if you use a lot it could get a bit cakey and start to set in (as in the layer closest to your skin beginning to set while the top layer is still wet), as this is a long-wear formula. It doesn’t transfer easily, but it will smudge if you really try to wipe it. I also prefer to not use it with a setting powder, but remember, my skin is on the drier side. I used it with Smashbox Primer Water and Pixi Glow Mist as my setting sprays and both performed well.

My biggest issue with foundation is that if my skin starts to dry out as the day goes on, it will accentuate every single fine line and the texture on my forehead, which is one of the reasons I prefer powder. While wearing this foundation, I kept looking for the downfall. Luckily, it never came. As the day went on, it just looked like a smooth veil on top of my skin. I loved it!

Sknydip’s foundation is another one of my favorites, but there’s something about Cake Mix that just makes me keep reaching for it. The packaging is gorgeous as well, even if the frosted bottle doesn’t really show the true shade.

The biggest test for this foundation came when I wore it yesterday – in 85 degree weather with a dew point of 55 (meaning, it was pretty darn humid outside) while walking around Georgetown (DC). I was out and about for around six or seven hours and didn’t even use powder once. My foundation did move under my sunglasses (I’ve never seen this not happen especially if you sweat a bit), but I easily smoothed it out with my finger. And truth? I did take a pic and it still looked good, but I was also joking around about having a meat baby after having dinner at a Brazilian steakhouse, so it was my pregnancy pic, and I’m not posting it, lol.

In conclusion, I’d say this foundation is a major win and I’d definitely buy it again. I’m considering shade #39 as it’s a little less warm than #35, but the weather is warming up anyway and I’m already trying to work on my tan, so I don’t think it’s really needed.

Cake Mix officially releases on April 19th on the Beauty Bakerie website.


**This post contains affiliate links and I was gifted this product. I was not paid for or required to do this review.**