Skincare Tips and Reviews Ft. Estee Lauder and Cosmedix

Just like hair products, I think that reading ingredients is absolutely imperative when it comes to skincare. There are ingredients that I’ve found that my skin doesn’t particularly like, and it needs different things depending on the climate. The skincare industry is a huge part of the beauty industry, especially for women, and brands have no issue capitalizing off of this and jacking up their prices, promising to give us products that make our skin perfect and can make a 60-year old look 30. But are these all worth it? Check out my review of Estee Lauder and Cosmedix products below, two prestige skincare brands. I also discuss ingredients and what you can look for in your products.

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FTC: Products were gifted by Octoly via Estee Lauder and Cosmedix. All opinions are my own. I received this product complimentary from Estee Lauder. I received this product complimentary from Cosmedix.