Merkaba Update: Will I Buy It Again?

MERKABA - Metabolic BoosterLast month, I wrote about my Merkaba growth challenge using the green mixture of matcha, cayenne, and ginger. All of these supplements are excellent for hair, so even though the powder is not marketed for hair, I thought it would be beneficial. After using it for the past month I have a few thoughts:

  • I love the taste of this powder! It’s definitely an acquired taste though as it does not contain sweetener and is spicy due to the cayenne. It’s a little more gulp-worthy if I add some erythritol, but I like it plain as well.
  • It gives a slight energy boost, which is why I drinking it mainly in the morning. I’d drink it before going to the gym at 6am and wouldn’t feel like a total zombie.

Now, for my hair…

  • I did feel like my hair got longer and thicker (I can tell by how big my hair is and where it falls on my body in the shower). However, I also started drinking aloe vera juice this past month – I didn’t do it for hair, but it could have had something to do with it. Overall, I think the product is great not only for hair (I don’t believe in miracle workers, though), but for overall health.


  • It is kind of expensive. At $42 and $6.99 shipping, it’s not exactly a cheap supplement for 30 servings. But at the same time, each serving is $1.63, which is still much less than what an energy drink from Vitamin Shoppe will run you. This drink won’t give you nearly as much energy as say, a Bang, though. If you’re into a higher caffeine dosage, you may still need to drink that as well. Caffeine isn’t really good for you though, so maybe for me that was the best.
  • I think that the ginger was the least impactful ingredient in the supplement, so I might purchase cayenne-garlic (garlic is also good for hair and to decrease shedding) pills and matcha separately, which would decrease the total cost. I could also try to find a green powder that matches it, but I think it would be hard to find one with cayenne due to the taste.

If I could buy Merkaba locally, I would definitely buy it again without a doubt, but I really like to be able to get protein powder and vitamins on a whim. I could also buy ginger alone, but I think getting all three alone would end up costing more than a box itself, so meh. Most likely, I’ll play around with some other combinations and buy another box if I think it’s the best product. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!