Dyson’s $500 Airwrap on NATURAL Hair – Does it work? | Blowout Demo and First Impressions!!

When I saw Dyson’s Airwrap, I felt a few things. First (and I’m sure many of you felt this way as well lol), $500?!?! BIH! But then I started thinking of how much I had spent on individual hair tools over the years and which ones always performed best. Unfortunately for my wallet, it seems that the more expensive tools last longer and use higher quality materials that minimize damage to the hair. We don’t need to talk about the glass Conair flat iron that I used to use in college that had sharp edges on the plates that basically ripped my ends off, or the other flat iron I had that only had a ceramic coating on the plates that wore off. We’re past that.

Dyson touts the Airwrap has having a few benefits – you aren’t supposed to get heat damage because the tool never gets above 302 degrees (I use my styling tools at 375 or even 400 at times for my hair), it dries hair faster, is multi-use, and apparently enhances shine while minimizing frizz. Since Ulta has an amazing return policy, I thought I’d give it a go, but I was skeptical. None of the reviews I had seen were on kinky curly hair, and if someone’s hair is going to break a tool, it’s usually mine! It usually takes me about 2 to 2.5 hours to blow out my hair as well, and I HATE the experience. It’s just frustrating. So, I really wanted to see how the Dyson would work. You can check out my experience using the brush in the video below, and I plan to play with it more using the other curling and dryer attachments. And there’s an update regarding testing after the jump!

And here I am looking totally shocked at how my hair was turning out around halfway through.

UPDATE: Hey all! Thank you so much for the love on my Dyson Airwrap video! I know that a lot of people are interested in the tool and how it works on natural hair, especially the curling attachments. I am currently testing them out and refining/tweaking my technique as curling damp natural hair honestly doesn’t seem to be something that would work well, as our hair begins to revert when you wet it and the Dyson isn’t supposed to have the high heat of a flat iron that smooths hair back out. I also have seen several reviews that do not test how long the curls last. Since doing my first impression video on the brush attachment, I went ahead and flat ironed my hair and was shocked that it only took me around 20 minutes – it usually takes me much longer and I have to do much smaller sections to smooth my hair out. It came out great (pic attached) so I have been testing the curling attachments on my straight hair and applying some tweaks – be sure you are following me on Instagram @dupeblack to see updates and tests in my Natural Hair Story highlights but I’ll be back with another video and demo! xoxo

flat iron


Products Used: – Phyto Thermal Protectant – Camille Rose Naturals Oud Rich Infusion Oil

Claims from Dyson: – Temperature doesn’t get about 302 degrees, so it doesn’t damage hair. – When using the curling iron, the hair wraps around the attachment itself so you don’t have to worry about using gloves or clamping the hair. – Dries hair faster than a regular dryer

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FTC: This video is not sponsored, products used and mentioned all purchased with my own money.