Dyson Airwrap Natural Hair FAQ and Pt. 2 – Curling Barrel Demo and Wear Test FAIL

Hey loves! So I have been continuing to use my Dyson Airwrap and test it out in a number of ways on my natural hair and straightened natural hair. Last week, I was testing the curling barrels of the Airwrap all week to try to get them to work for my hair type and texture. Check out my thoughts. Also, I added some information on using the Airwrap on naturally kinky/curly hair, but go ahead and pop the video to the 7:30 mark to start the information on the barrels. You can also see more updates on my testing and thoughts after the jump.

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Dyson’s $500 Airwrap on NATURAL Hair – Does it work? | Blowout Demo and First Impressions!!

When I saw Dyson’s Airwrap, I felt a few things. First (and I’m sure many of you felt this way as well lol), $500?!?! BIH! But then I started thinking of how much I had spent on individual hair tools over the years and which ones always performed best. Unfortunately for my wallet, it seems that the more expensive tools last longer and use higher quality materials that minimize damage to the hair. We don’t need to talk about the glass Conair flat iron that I used to use in college that had sharp edges on the plates that basically ripped my ends off, or the other flat iron I had that only had a ceramic coating on the plates that wore off. We’re past that.

Dyson touts the Airwrap has having a few benefits – you aren’t supposed to get heat damage because the tool never gets above 302 degrees (I use my styling tools at 375 or even 400 at times for my hair), it dries hair faster, is multi-use, and apparently enhances shine while minimizing frizz. Since Ulta has an amazing return policy, I thought I’d give it a go, but I was skeptical. None of the reviews I had seen were on kinky curly hair, and if someone’s hair is going to break a tool, it’s usually mine! It usually takes me about 2 to 2.5 hours to blow out my hair as well, and I HATE the experience. It’s just frustrating. So, I really wanted to see how the Dyson would work. You can check out my experience using the brush in the video below, and I plan to play with it more using the other curling and dryer attachments. And there’s an update regarding testing after the jump!

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dupeBLACKxTarget Series: Braid Out ft. The Doux Bonita Afro Balm + FULL Review!

Like most of you, Target is one of my favorite places to shop, but it’s extremely dangerous. I’ll go in there for a pack of cheese and before I know it, I’ve spent $50 on hair products and makeup (especially now with The Lipbar and Coloured Raine being in stores). When I initially saw The Doux, I thought that the packaging was super cute but didn’t necessarily want to buy it (I have SO many hair products) – but then I found out they were black-owned. *Throws coins* I’ve been testing a few products from the line, and up first is their Bonita Afro Balm, which is a styling cream you can use for wash and gos and twist/braid outs. So how did it stack up? Check out my review below.

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