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Five Ways To Say F*ck Trump and Support Black-Owned Brands At the Same Damn Time

I remember years ago when my blog was still fairly new, I made a joke about Republicans, basically implying that you were crazy if you choose to be one. A woman commented and expressed to me that I should not make jokes like that because Republicans can read my blog and I shouldn’t offend people, and that I shouldn’t mention politics at all. But it doesn’t matter that Republican ideals and policies are offensive to me, right? Okay. Well let me be clear, if you are a Trump supporter (not necessarily Repub), I do not care about hurting your feelings. In fact, I would love it if you didn’t read my blog or watch my videos at all. My blog/channel is a hobby for me, it does not support my livelihood, and it’s supposed to make me happy and be fun. Communicating with Neo-Nazi apologists or bigots is not fun. So there’s that.

But with the most recent meltdown and rants coming from the Cheeto, I decided that something positive can come out of this. I love supporting black-owned brands, and I cannot stand who is currently in the White House, so why not combine the two? Check out these shirts from black-owned brands that will make your position on the current administration loud and clear.

via Legendary Rootz

1. Legendary Rootz #FDT Cropped Tee, $25. Buy it here. I mean…he’s not. Shrug.

via Tees in the Trap

2. Tees in the Trap The Only Donald Tee, $26. Buy it here. Where is the lie? I don’t see it…

via Spring it On Tees

3. Spring it On Tees Locked and Loaded Tee, $30. Buy it here. Because really, what the hell is taking so long?

via Rebellious Black Soul

4. Rebellious Black Soul Deportation Tee, $25. Buy it here. Seems much more logical than deporting good people because of their race or religion.

via B.A.M.N.

5. B.A.M.N. Don’t Let Your President Get Your Ass Whooped Tee, $25. Buy it here. Look, I do not advocate violence, but don’t start none, won’t be none.

Which one is your fave? What other black-owned fashion brands do you love?

Drugstore Brands May Be Killin’ It, But It’s Important to Not Forget Black-Owned Indies

Let’s be truthful – nothing really beats the convenience of drugstore brands, even Sephora and Ulta. The prices are inexpensive, there is often some type of sale, and many brands are starting to step it up regarding quality. I think they clearly saw that indie brands were creating a better product than them, and they needed to update formulas, shades, and product offerings. Some brands who were once criticized for their lack of foundation shades that cater to black women are now specifically releasing more shades and undertones with black women in mind.

While this is great, I think it’s important that we not forget the brands that were created with us in mind, and owned by black women without a huge corporate backing. I definitely still buy drugstore products, but the fact that they often copy indie brands isn’t lost on me, and it’s important that I still support them. (I mean seriously, how many mainstream brands are going to come out with rainbow highlighters this year?)

Beauty Bakerie is collaborating with Forever 21 this summer (launch date TBD), but besides them, the only other black-owned brand I can find in the store is Iman. The only way this will improve is with the continued success and support of these brands.

Of course, no one expects us all to go broke for the culture (I know I’m certainly not, lol). For more information on how to support black-owned businesses without breaking the bank, check out this post. You can also view my black-owned brands list on the blog for reputable brands to buy from.

If you have other favorite brands, post them in the comments.