These Black-Owned Cosmetics Brands Can Have All My Coins

I hate that every time drama rolls around that involves a black-owned brand, the entire genre seems to take a hit. I’m not going to get into negativity, but wanted to take this opportunity to post about black-owned makeup brands I absolutely love.

Mented Cosmetics: The first time I used Mented was when my page was fairly new, and they had a DC pop-up. KJ and Amanda were both incredibly helpful and nice to everyone at the booth, and it felt like I was shopping for a new lipstick with my girlfriends. Their shades are some of my favorites, and this year they have been kicking ass with new products. Their foundation is my favorite, and they’re releasing blushes soon. Please note, I am an affiliate with Mented, but started using their products before I ever worked with them or had a code (which really had me flattered because I already loved them!).

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Black-Owned Skincare Products I’m Currently Stalking the Hell Out Of

Oh yes loves, a skincare post! Over the past month or so, I’ve talked about my current obsession with skincare, especially natural skincare and learning about the benefits of plant actives. Blame it on my new book boo, Plant-Powered Beauty. I’ve been learning a lot – mainly how just like the makeup industry, the skincare industry plays us for our coins everyday and sells us products that aren’t actually beneficial for our skin (looking at you, silicones) or overcharges like crazy for natural ingredients because of the brand (like I always say though – if you want it, get it).

I started buying multiple products from brands that I can get locally, like Mad Hippie, Acure, Whamisa by Glow Recipe, Dessert Essence, and more. But then I thought, “I have so many black-owned brands that sell skincare, why not check them out?” Over the past few days I’ve been searching and jonesing for all kinds of products, but I…can’t buy them yet. Why? Because it’s not the best idea to add ten new products to your skincare routine at once. I’m assessing this current regimen I have going for the next few weeks, but I wanted to share these products with you and why I want them. Check them out below.

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Six Amazing Black-Owned Makeup Brands

It’s no secret that I make featuring black-owned brands a priority, and I’ve shared my favorite natural hair black-owned brands previously. But what about makeup? There are so many amazing black-owned makeup brands that are killing the game and diversifying the beauty industry. Peep my faves in this video – and this is by no means meant to be an extensive list. You can also view my black-owned business list for additional brands and recommendations.

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