Izzy’s First Cassia Treatment

The other day I was out and about when it sort of hit that I had no desire to buy ANY products. Not one! So I decided to try this henna that I had seen in my store, called Avigal Henna. Now, I didn’t want to give Izzy reddish highlights, so I got the neutral color. BUT – we all know that henna doesn’t come in a neutral color, so I was a little confused. But I was like what the hey, as long as my hair doesn’t fall out I’m fine. The henna claims to make your hair shiny and full. I followed the directions on the box and added honey, ACV and coconut oil – I didn’t measure, I just added hot water last until the mixture was a pudding like consistency.

Then, I applied the mix to my hair kind of like I would a bootleg relaxer, but without gloves. Goodness, this stuff was HEAVY on Izzy! When it was in my hair my curls were stretched out so much that I looked like a skater boy with a curly bowl cut. Womp. After application, I wrapped my head in saran wrap a la cone head and let it sit for 4 hrs. My head got really hot, so it kept me nice and toasty as I napped and watched movies. Eventually, I felt like the plastic was too tight around my head, so I just decided I had had enough, and got in the shower to rinse.

Ummm…talk about washing a swamp out of my hair! Remind me to never join the army…I hear they have to do basic training and crawl in the mud. There were bits of twigs and grossness in my hair – and it was SO HARD to wash out!! I cowashed about 3 times, and also shampooed with my Plant Shampoo. I was rinsing for like, 20 minutes! I felt like there were still twigs in my hair, but the water was rinsing clear – I couldn’t take it anymore!

When I got out of the shower, Izzy had not changed in color at all, but she felt very soft and my frizzier sections in the front seemed smoother. I even wore her all fro’ed out today because my hair didn’t look frizzy and I didn’t want to ruin the softness. Therefore, I am definitely a fan! However, I was still confused about the henna part – this wasn’t henna, so what was it? So I went to my trusty friend, Google, and found this from mehandi.com:

If you have a box of green stuff that says “neutral henna”, that green powder is neither neutral nor henna.  There is no such plant as neutral henna!  Henna is Lawsonia inermis, and has a red-orange dye molecule.  The green “neutral henna” powder is most likely to be Cassia obovata leaf!

Cassia obovata powder looks very much like henna powder, but  generally does not stain hair or hands. It is an excellent conditioner which makes hair glossy and thick, with a healthy scalp.  When you mix this green leaf powder with warm water,  it has a strong smell similar to a heap of warm mowed grass.  If your powder stains your hair or hands yellow, it probably has some rhubarb root mixed into it.

Oh! Okay, so I guess it was cassia, lol. Meh, I’m still a fan. However, I also read that the results of cassia are fleeting while henna is more permanent…so…up next, henna! The only con to this treatment was that washing it out stinks, but I mean, that’s life.