Coconut Oil Challenge: Final Thoughts

Deets after the jump! Products Mentioned: Sarenzo Bath and Body Chocolate Butter: Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil for Hair (Refined CO): Best Ways to Use CO (for me): Oil rinsing, end sealing, hair fluffing Worst Ways: Leave-In, alone Facebook: FTC: Video is not sponsored.

Coconut Oil Challenge: 4-Week Update

Details below! Week One: I've been doing my coconut oil challenge for about four weeks. So far... Pros: Oil rinsing/less shedding Cons: Leave-in More coconut oil products! Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (Trader Joe's) Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave-In: B.A.S.K. Beauty Plantain Spice Warming Body Butter Emtage Silkage Oil: Carol's Daughter Hair Balm: HerbnLife Coconut Hemp: Simply … Continue reading Coconut Oil Challenge: 4-Week Update