Question of the Day: Water Dries Your Hair Out?

Q: Hi, I just had a natural stylist tell me that plain water dries your hair out. It sounded counterintuitive but maybe that’s because without anything else the moisture of the water is zapped from your hair plus anything else you had so it’s drier than before but a water based product with something else in it has a greater chance of not vanishing from the hair.

A: Yep, that’s pretty much correct. Water moisturizes our hair, but when water dries, it’s gone, so there is no more moisture unless you have added a conditioner to coat your hair. This is why I kind of give a yuckity yuck to naked hair (no offense), I always use a leave-in at least. Also, water rinses the sebum (oil) from your hair, so if you are not replacing that sebum and constantly rinsing, your hair is not going to be protected. I love water based products because they make the product easier to absorb, but besides that, water isn’t going to help you much on dry hair.