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Two Great Deals from Folica on Sedu

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about straightening my hair this fall, and caught a great deal today. Since my hair is much longer than when I first purchased my Croc Infrared (about a year ago), I was wondering if it would be better for me to get a 1.5 inch flat iron to supplement my 1 inch. I jumped on a Groupon deal I got today – $65 for the 1.5 inch Sedu from Folica. Normally, this flat iron will run you about $100-130 – I actually used to have a Sedu before I broke it and switched to Chi (which I didn’t really like), so I trust the brand and its quality.

But that’s not all! When I went to the Folica site to reiterate the quality of Sedus (ie, read the specs and reviews), I saw that they have ANOTHER deal to get a 1 inch Sedu for $75 and Folica currently has a coupon code for $25 off $75 with FINALLYFALL, so you can get it for $50! I almost opted for this one instead, but thought it would be a little silly for me to get another 1 inch iron, especially since I’m barely halfway to my ultimate length goal. Also, I used to have the 1.5 inch, and my hair was shorter than it is now.

Fall and winter are the best times to straighten your hair because the dews usually drop, so if you’re curious…BUT remember to ALWAYS use a heat protectant, opt for one pass if possible, and use the lowest heat setting you can. At the MAX – 410 (under 400 is better if you have fine hair, but for coarse hair like mine, 375 does nada!)….no 450 here!!

Catch you on the flip side…xoxo

Isabella’s Straightening Experiment

I’m not really into straightening, I’ll admit it. Honestly, I’m borderline against it. I’ve heard way too many stories about women going to town with their flat iron for days on end, then wonder why their hair didn’t revert (cross fingers mine does!!). I’m currently part of a “Curly ‘Til Christmas” Challenge on LHCF, and we get one pass. And you guys know me…who am I to give up a pass? That’s like wasting a vacation day! So I decided to straighten Izzy to see what she would look like. Here’s what I did –

– The day before I DC’ed…

– I forgot the Cherry Lola Treatment!! Uggh…my hair is resilient to EVERYTHING and CL opens it up a little.

– Cowashed as normal

– Applied Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk for my blow out…

Omg. The blow out! I’m sorry for even saying this, but after blowing out my hair I can’t even blame my mother for giving me a relaxer. That was WORK. I was like sweating in my bathroom (and I used the low heat setting on my dryer – a Chi Turbo). But, I will say, I loved how my hair looked blown out – it was huge!!!

Look at how big Izzy is – hey girl! I sort of wanted to rock my hair like this for a few days, but I convinced myself that my purpose was the flat iron, and I should get to that…

To iron, I used my Redken Smooth Down as my heat protectant, along with Komaza’s Shea Butter Lotion for extra moisture. I did two passes on 410 heat using my Croc 2 Infrared iron…honestly, the way my hair is, I would have been better off using 450…but I did not want to damage my hair. You live, you learn. This is how my first section looked…at this point I was thinking of a way I could get that section to look like the blow out again.

Lame…I had to keep going though. So like, 45 minutes later, I was done. Sad thing is, after my second pass, I liked how smooth my hair was but…it began to revert after about 10 minutes! In fear or losing the style, I wrapped Izzy as soon as I was done and got ready for bed.

Morning time. Here are the results:

Pardon my face…I literally JUST woke up (see how I love y’all?). So kids, what have we learned?

– Prep to flat iron on freshly washed hair (I did not wash my hair b/c I wanted to avoid damage, but I think I could have gotten my hair straighter)

– Do a frickin’ Cherry Lola beforehand!

– My haircut straight looks kind of like Rachel’s old one from Friends. Seriously, I hated how my hair looked. I felt like a soccer mom. – No offense to all the soccer moms out there, hey ladies!

Next time I straighten (which will not be for QUITE some time), I want it to be so I can show off my length. Shoulder length hair isn’t really awesome, especially when you’re soccer mom’in it up! I think I have a function in the valley (ie, hot) today…I’m going to go back to my curls. Way more me. Corny lesson of the day is…we are beautiful as we were made.


P.S. Ummm, do I still have a TWA?