Keep Your Hands Off The Hair

One of the ladies (hey clbussie!!) on posted this article in the threads, and I just had to add it to my blog. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about a few posts ago in “Caring for Your Friend’s Natural Hair.” Not sure who told people it was okay to touch total strangers (or even friends), but someone needed to put it out there. I’m not sure if I totally agree with the racist aspect of it, BUT people do touch natural (big curly afro fun hair!) hair more than straight. Actually, it’s more like petting you… yea, not cool. What do you guys think? Either way, Michel, you are absolutely correct – thank you so much for writing this!

Keep Your Hands Off The Hair

March 22, 2010

Woman's Afro

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March 22, 2010

Today, we hear from Tell Me More guest host Allison Keyes.

This week we’re going to talk about hair. To touch — or not to touch, that is the question.

And as far as I’m concerned the answer is nearly always, no.

OK — let me explain why this really annoys me.

I’m African-American, and I wear my hair natural. That means in an Afro, or in twists, or some other style that showcases my kinky hair in the tight curls in which it grows from my scalp. It is not chemically straightened. In other words — think India.Arie — NOT Beyonce!

And for the past few weeks, I’ve been rocking an Afro puff: a round fluffy puff perched atop a braided or twisted up-do. It is fierce!

And I must admit — the texture does look inviting to touch. But walking up and palming my puff?! Particularly without permission? Can I Just Tell YOU — speaking colloquially — that is not cool.

I think it is a race issue — as well as a personal space issue. The space issue seems obvious. I see it as a violation as unwanted as those who approach pregnant women — hands out — and start rubbing their bellies.

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