QFTPC Master List for Buying Black-Owned for Beauty & Wellness

Buying black-owned is becoming more and more of an emphasis everyday, but it definitely doesn’t always fall under the “convenient” spectrum. Truthfully, I get annoyed every time I write a compiled post either featuring black women or black business (not at them!) because it’s often so time consuming to get a good list going. It can take hours and hours of research and Googling (thank goodness for TV). And even furthermore, the quality of the product or customer service isn’t always known, which can potentially cause problems if someone has a less than stellar experience. So, I wanted to compile a list of businesses that I have ordered from and can vouch for, at least on some level. Happy shopping!







If you have more favorites to add, please leave them in the comments! As I think of more, I will update this list.

Elle’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide


**Ringing bells** The holidays are here! And although the holidays are more about family and good times, well, we all know that gifts are a factor. Who doesn’t love gifts? But at the same time, who hates shopping at the mall during holiday season? This girl! So I’ve put together a list of some awesome gifts for the favorite people in your life, and most of them you can buy online. Check it out:

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