Winky Lux Is the Whimsical Lipstick I Didn’t Know I Needed


If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been adding more and more creamy lipsticks to my stash. I used to be a total MAC lipstick junkie, but got tired of my lipstick constantly wearing off when I went out and switched to liquid long-wear formulas. However, once winter hit I realized that the liquid lipstick life isn’t always sustainable. For one, they’re more drying, which isn’t that bad, but can pose a problem when the temps are below 20 degrees and it’s windy. No one wants that. Also, when I got sick (read: dehydrated) I needed a formula that would provide me with moisture, pigment, and would be easy to take off. When I have a fever I don’t have the strength to scrub off some of those strong formulas.

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