Panthenol Challenge: Lesson Learned

I started a challenge on August 17th to only use styling products that contained panthenol for a month. I think I’m ending it tomorrow, at least officially. Over the past month, I have used many products that contained panthenol; some were hits, some were misses. The main lesson I got from this experience is that while panthenol is a good ingredient to use on your hair, one ingredient does not “make” a product. For instance, here are a few products that I found totally worthless that contained panthenol, just FYI!

– Curls Curly Q’s Curly Q Custard (kiddie version of the Souffle, which I also dislike)

– Just for Me Smoothing Gel (frizz)

– Gueye Extra Hold Herbal Gel (too watery)

– Cantu Shea Butter Leave In (Like it as an overnight condish but won’t style with it…takes forever to dry and my hair already takes forevaaaa)

On the other hand…some new loves in my arsenal include…

– Ouidad Botanical Spray (will review)

– The Alaffia Beautiful Curls line (I have the DC, LI, and Curl Cream)

So just make sure you have a nice little list of ingredients your hair’s likes and dislikes before deciding to buy something! I mean honestly…if you’re a PJ like me, you’ll probably buy it anyway just to test it out, because you never know! That’s how Izzy found glycerin again! ūüôā


WildChild’s September Challenge: Panthenol

You all know I love making¬†up hair challenges for myself, so this next one is going to be using panthenol. Why panthenol? Well, panthenol¬†is also known as vitamin B-5, and is a known moisturizer for hair. According to Chicoro, it penetrates the scalp and reaches the hair follicle underneath the scalp. Panthenol¬†improves the moisture of the hair as soon as hair starts to grow. Sounds yummy, right? Then I started looking at my stash, and realized that a lot of my favorite products contain panthenol, so I got to thinking…what if I only styled with these products for a month? Would Izzy’s moisture level improve to gear up for winter? And so, a challenge is born. Here are the rules:

– Only style with products that contain panthenol (excluding using oil b/c…panthenol isn’t an oil lol)

– Use these products until September 30th – no other styling products can be used

Umm…that’s pretty much it. Here’s a list of my products that contain panthenol (the more the better!)

– Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-In

– Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz

– Komaza Care Shea Butter Lotion

– Curl Junkie Aloe Fix

– Curl Junkie Cocoa Coffee Curl Cream

– Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding

– Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

– Kiss My Face Upper Management Gel

– Long Aid Curl Activator Gel (Extra Dry)

– Karen’s Body Beautiful Hair Milk

– Curly Q Coconut Dream Conditioner

– Nextimage¬†Curl Defining Conditioner & Detangler (don’t ask me how I came across this random one lol)

– Just for Me! Smoothing Gel (again, don’t ask)

– AG Re: Coil Curl Activator

– Curl Junkie Curl Assurance Leave-In Conditioner

Okay so…maybe I’m not really hurting in the panthenol¬†department, lol! Can I even call this a challenge? However, I will say that it will be difficult for me to not run to some of my staples (KCCC, Komaza¬†Califia¬†Styling Pudding, AV gel) that do not contain panthenol in a pinch. Sadness.

Well…does anyone want to join me?