Five Ways To Say F*ck Trump and Support Black-Owned Brands At the Same Damn Time

I remember years ago when my blog was still fairly new, I made a joke about Republicans, basically implying that you were crazy if you choose to be one. A woman commented and expressed to me that I should not make jokes like that because Republicans can read my blog and I shouldn’t offend people, and that I shouldn’t mention politics at all. But it doesn’t matter that Republican ideals and policies are offensive to me, right? Okay. Well let me be clear, if you are a Trump supporter (not necessarily Repub), I do not care about hurting your feelings. In fact, I would love it if you didn’t read my blog or watch my videos at all. My blog/channel is a hobby for me, it does not support my livelihood, and it’s supposed to make me happy and be fun. Communicating with Neo-Nazi apologists or bigots is not fun. So there’s that.

But with the most recent meltdown and rants coming from the Cheeto, I decided that something positive can come out of this. I love supporting black-owned brands, and I cannot stand who is currently in the White House, so why not combine the two? Check out these shirts from black-owned brands that will make your position on the current administration loud and clear.

via Legendary Rootz

1. Legendary Rootz #FDT Cropped Tee, $25. Buy it here. I mean…he’s not. Shrug.

via Tees in the Trap

2. Tees in the Trap The Only Donald Tee, $26. Buy it here. Where is the lie? I don’t see it…

via Spring it On Tees

3. Spring it On Tees Locked and Loaded Tee, $30. Buy it here. Because really, what the hell is taking so long?

via Rebellious Black Soul

4. Rebellious Black Soul Deportation Tee, $25. Buy it here. Seems much more logical than deporting good people because of their race or religion.

via B.A.M.N.

5. B.A.M.N. Don’t Let Your President Get Your Ass Whooped Tee, $25. Buy it here. Look, I do not advocate violence, but don’t start none, won’t be none.

Which one is your fave? What other black-owned fashion brands do you love?

I’m a Black Woman and After Trump’s Win I Don’t Want Michelle Obama to Run for Office

via Speakers' Corner

via Speakers’ Corner

In light of the election results, I find myself disgusted, but not shocked. After the exit poll statistics were released, the group getting the most side eye on the internet today is white women, with a whopping 53% of them supporting Trump, and that number skyrockets to 62% among white women without a college degree. Again, I’m not surprised. This is basically the epitome of “white feminism,” and time and time again we see white women choosing race over gender and empathy for others. Miss me with the argument of internalized misogyny and “Stockholm Syndrome” – white women knew what they were doing.

And with that harsh reality, people on the internet are practically begging Michelle Obama to run for office in 2020, a call that has gotten louder and louder since her speech at the Democratic Convention. But Michelle isn’t having it -President Obama explicitly stated on Sway in the Morning that she will “never run for office,” stating,

“She is as talented and brilliant a person as there is, and I could not be prouder of her, but Michelle does not have the patience or the inclination to actually be a candidate herself. And that’s one thing y’all can take to the bank.”

Still, people continue to plead. It’s kind of similar to a small child asking their mother for a new toy and repeatedly being told no, but it doesn’t register. Well, Michelle, I hear you. I don’t want her to run, although I think she would make a brilliant politician. For the past eight years, Michelle Obama has been subjected to a plethora of racist and sexist attacks. Just a couple of days ago, the New York Times Style Twitter account received massive backlash after applying the “angry black woman” stereotype to the First Lady. And unfortunately, that was tame compared to the abuse she’s fallen victim to over the years.

via Let's Move!

via Let's Move!

via Let’s Move!

The level of selfishness in asking Michelle Obama to sacrifice her well being further for “the greater good,” is astonishing. She clearly is doing work to improve communities across the world, leading Let Girls Learn, Reach Higher, Joining Forces, and Let’s Move!, and will continue to be involved in initiatives that support her core values once President Obama leaves office. This type of work, while different than politics, is valuable and needed in this country. She already showed up. And yet, America is asking a black woman to put herself aside to attempt to bail them out of the mess we’re currently in.

Black women were highly active in the suffrage movement, yet rarely receive credit. On election day, hundreds decorated Susan B. Anthony’s grave with their “I voted” stickers, yet no one mentioned Sojourner Truth. Anthony blatantly did not see black women as equal to her, stating,“I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman.” And yet, black women strongly supported the movement, joining the American Equal Rights Association, National Woman Suffrage Association, and the American Woman Suffrage Association. Those women showed up.

Whether we wanted to or not, we came to the polls and voted for Hillary Clinton. 93% of black women voted for her – NINETY THREE. WE showed up.

If you love Michelle Obama so much, respect her wishes and her time. Don’t demand that she do something that she clearly doesn’t want to do because you feel it would be in your best interest when it’s not in hers. Let her live her life and support society in her own way. There will most likely never be another First Lady like Michelle Obama, and her legacy will not go unnoticed, political run or not.


*This article also appears on Black Girl with Long Hair.

A List of Reading Material for Bill Cosby Supporters

So I know that my blog isn’t about celebrity criminal cases, but as a self-proclaimed feminist, and have written about feminist issues before, I can’t let this go. I have read and heard the MOST tomfoolery about Cosby in his defense and I can’t with his supporters, I can’t. I’ve taken on this new mentality that I don’t want to react to people, but some of the theories and defenses I’ve seen are too much. I know that our elders didn’t get hosed for this. The NBC argument…you have to stop. It’s true, Cosby did try to get a group of investors together to buy NBC, but this was YEARS ago. Also, do you really know how much NBC costs? Re: my Google search (sorry I don’t know the CEO of NBC), it’s upwards of $30 billion dollars?!?!? You think that Bill has that scrilla to drop? Stop it. I’ve heard people compare Cosby to the death of Tamir Rice and Obama being called a Muslim! A lot of these people sound like Tea Partiers now. This post is not meant to debate whether he is innocent or guilty, but some of the responses and principles I’ve seen can be addressed in the below books.  Think what you want to think, but I’ve compiled a list of reading materials for Cosby supporters that may be beneficial:

  • Hush: Moving From Silence to Healing After Childhood Sexual Abuse – Of course, the women who are accusing Cosby are not children, but I’ve seen several counts of people wondering why they didn’t come forward when the assault first happened or opinions of what THEY would do when they were raped. Newsflash, people who are raped (men and women) react in different ways, there is no one RIGHT way to act when it happens to you. I was surprised to see self-admitted victims of rape dismiss the allegations because that was not how they reacted when they were raped.
  • Asking For It: The Alarming Rise of Rape Culture and What We Can Do About It – Bill Cosby has 50+ accusers saying that he raped, sexually violated, or assaulted them in some way. While I understand that “just believing” the allegations can be dangerous, this says a lot about our rape culture in the US. Often, we point the finger at the drunk (or drugged) person saying they shouldn’t have had that much or shouldn’t have done that. Or, we think they’re simply lying. This has to stop, and it comes from a culture of overall disrespect for people who aren’t “wholesome.” It’s okay to rape a “whore,” if she was drunk “that’s her fault.” We live in this obtuse society that thinks it’s okay to attack people “lesser than,” and it’s got to stop. It’s not about what we can assume the women “knew what to expect” due to their meetings with Cosby. The slut shaming rebuttal is harmful and dismissive of something that’s serious.
  • Full Frontal Feminism: A Young Woman’s Guide to Why Feminism Should Matter – Honestly, I have a love-hate relationship with this book. While I think it’s educational and important, some of her opinions seem that you’re stupid or misinformed if you stray from her own. Some of them are downright radical. Well too bad, I’m old(er), no one is going to tell me what my feminism should be, but she has several good points about the patriarchy in America and what we can do to combat it. It has several points that reveal how we’ve come to this society and have certain perceptions of women and equality, and I think it’s a valuable resource. But remember, feminism, like so many things, is not cut and dry, this is her take on it. This plays into the notions of how women should act and their lack of being “upstanding” women, allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by Cosby, and also discusses power of the patriarchy and why he’s never been charged until now.
  • If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer: Look, I know that murder and rape are completely different, but I think these cases are VERY similar because when OJ went to trial, there was a call for black people getting the “good” end of the law as white people did. I can’t lie, I was in middle school and they played the trial, and the black kids cheered when OJ was acquitted. We KNEW he did it, we didn’t care though because we’ve seen black people get the short end of the stick SO many times. But as an adult, I look back on it and know that it wasn’t right, it was a fantasy. We look at grim situations of black men and women in society and we think, that just ONE time, we should win. But this isn’t an excuse to uphold crime, or predation. This is not a time we have to win.

So, whether you are a Cosby supporter or not, please at least observe the facts and how this is psychologically rooted, and what principles come into play. It’s not black and white, cut and dry. This isn’t a case of being woke or listening to hearsay about a beloved black celebrity (look, I still believe MJ didn’t do it and there have been several things that have come up to support that, especially his psych profile, if they do the same for Cosby, I’ll wholeheartedly apologize. From what I’ve read/seen, Cosby has the PERFECT profile for a rape predator, though. It is what it is.). Sometimes, you just have to accept that someone ain’t shit, allegedly.