Now Where Was This Site Three Years Ago?

Yesterday, I was checking out the newly launched transitioning site from Carol’s Daughter, Transitioning Movement, and I have to say, I’m impressed (and not just because of what I’m about to tell you)! The site houses a forum (coming soon), Q&A section, how-to tips, life & style features, and more. Not to mention, the site is gorgeous, and also outlines the different types of transitioning that you can do. I wonder how different my hair journey would have been if I had a site like this when I decided to go natural.

And now…for my shameless self promo – guess who is on the site to help answer natural hair questions? Oh yea, yours truly. Check out the site and ask questions for me and the other awesome experts, who are Memsor Kamarake, Latham Thomas, and Diane Da Costa.

Patiently waiting for the forum to launch…because I love forums! đŸ˜‰

Question of the Day: Wash and Gos, Foamy Hair, and Spots O’ Product

Q: Hi Elle! What up? I have been doing alot more wash n go’s lately and I love them, but I’ve come across a couple issues that I wondered if you could help with! 1. I’ve tried to use the Curl Junkie Curl Queen gel and it always foams up on me. Do you have any tips on using this gel to prevent that (maybe it’s just me). 2. Any tips of getting rid of those little white spots of gel/leave-in leftover from applying product? Seems no matter how much I try to smooth in the products I always get them. :-/ Continue reading