Question of the Day: Second Day Hair

Q: I am 1 month in from a BC and used to use KCCC, and now have switched to Eco Styler (Olive Oil) which gives me cute little curly coils that don’t shrink up as much. I usually shampoo, wash out conditioner, (sometimes DC depending on the time), either use a leave in (Cantu) or moisturizer (Hawaiian silky 14-1), gel and maybe Oil spray (Carols Daughter Tui). My question is what happens day 2? I usually hate to sleep (satin pillowcase) because my volume has gone down. Do people usually rewash and do it all over again or should you wet it and put more gel or use moisturizer or maybe it is what it is? IDK I usually spray a little water mixed with jojoba oil in it and a little moisturizer but then I get the frizz. Other times I just try to puff it back up with nothing and spray some sheen on it. Sorry this is hella long. Continue reading