Shea Butter…Moisturizer or Sealant?

Earlier today I had a discussion about shea butter. A woman told me that she used shea butter on wet hair to moisturize her hair, and I told her that shea butter is not a moisturizer. She answered (in a respectful manner, no rudeness here) that she had read in various places that shea butter is an emollient and moisturizes hair. This is true, I have seen many sites that tote shea butter as a moisturizer, but to me, this information isn’t exactly correct. Since water is the best moisturizer for our hair, how can shea butter moisturize when it doesn’t have water and acts like an oil? I have used shea butter to seal in moisture, but never to moisturize. In fact, if I use shea butter on wet hair, it makes my hair icky when it dries. I found a great video on YouTube that goes into more detail on the subject from Monique (CoilsKinksCurls on YT). ┬áCheck it out!

You can check out more of her videos on her channel. She has a lot of great information and many product reviews. Oh, and she runs Good Hair Mart, the place where I buy my Donna Marie. Great service!

Anywho, just wanted to share. xoxo