My Twist Out Lasted Four Days!!

Okay…so boost! Usually when I do twist outs, at the end of the day I don’t really find them to be worth it because at the MOST, my hair will last two days, and I often redo it after one day. But this time…I took my twists out on Thursday, and kept it out until I got home on Sunday night. Yes, Izzy’s twist out survived Vegas! In addition to doing smaller twists overall, I took some additional steps in order to make the style last, because I cannot stand doing my hair on vacation! On the last day, my hair was beginning to hang in my face a lot and I had to drive, so I just put half of my hair up in a ponytail…randomly, I got so many compliments. I didn’t even do my regular routine the night before (thanks booze) and slept on a cotton pillowcase! Anywho, here is what I did:


Twist Out Pics

I’m editing/loading the video with the takedown right now…But I thought I would just put some pics of my finished twist out on the blog. I took them down with emu oil.

Oh, and my earrings from Peace Images came today! Woot woot, what a perfect complement to my twist out! 🙂