2011 Regimen for Izzy

Hey pals! I’m back to writing for this one. A few people have asked me what my regimen is, so I thought I would post it to the blog. It’s fairly simple.

– Wash hair with shampoo 1x a week

– Cowash daily (HOWEVER, I am going to try to start stretching my wash n gos, so this will change accordingly, most likely every other day or every three days)

– DC 1x a week with steam

– Daily Style – Wash n Go! (Currently, I’ve been doing 2 or 4 sections)

– Ayurvedic Treatment – Henna/Indigo once a month until I run out of henna, after that I’m stopping

– Ayurvedic Conditioning Mixes – 1x a week or biweekly (depending on how I feel, I like these, but do not think they are imperative to my regimen)

– Sleeping! – If I’m trying to stretch a wng, it really depends on how much hold I think I have. I’ll either sleep with my hair out, do 3 pineapples (However, with my side part, I haven’t really been pineappling b/c I don’t want to mess up my part), puffs, or use my Sue Maesta hood. It’s not very consistent, but I don’t really care because I can always style in the morning if my hair looks like crap.

– Moisturize daily using a water based moisturizer (Faves: Oyin Hair Dew, Donna Marie Super Buttercreme, and Curl Junkie Beauticurls LI)

– Sealing – I only seal when I am using a product that contains glycerin in less than optimal dews (Faves: Oyin Whipped Pudding, Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade, Oyin Hair Dew)

– Trimming – I do not trim my ends, frankly, because I haven’t felt as if I’ve needed to. I keep my SSKs to a minimum by moisturizing like crazy. However, I do search and destroys for the rare split and SSKs when I see them.

– Heat – I do not use heat on my hair unless I am flat ironing, which is rare. No diffusing, no more blow outs. Nope.

Hope that helps!! If there is something I forgot, please let me know!