Janelle Monae Just Gave Me My LIFE, Y’all

Listen. I don’t even write about things that aren’t usually reviews or have something to do with beauty, nutrition, or hair. But I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn’t post this to share with you all. My edges are snatched and have grown back at the same time. My makeup is instantly slaying, I have a six pack now, and my skin is radiant. Janelle. JANELLE. This is everything. I’m in tears.

Five Tips For Being A Smart Consumer

Soooo, I’ve been blogging for what, nine years? In that time, I’ve talked about and purchased from and reviewed hundreds of brands. In that same sense, I’ve also heard hundreds of complaints from pissed off people when they didn’t have the experience that they wanted with a brand. Most are warranted, but some I would think could have been prevented (and I am including myself in this) or it could have been approached differently. I want to be clear though – this is NO SHADE to any consumer or person, I myself am a consumer and have learned from my own missteps over the years, but I figured some tips would be helpful (I also added an “educated consumer” note to my BoB listing and my holy grail list).

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