These Black-Owned Cosmetics Brands Can Have All My Coins

I hate that every time drama rolls around that involves a black-owned brand, the entire genre seems to take a hit. I’m not going to get into negativity, but wanted to take this opportunity to post about black-owned makeup brands I absolutely love.

Mented Cosmetics: The first time I used Mented was when my page was fairly new, and they had a DC pop-up. KJ and Amanda were both incredibly helpful and nice to everyone at the booth, and it felt like I was shopping for a new lipstick with my girlfriends. Their shades are some of my favorites, and this year they have been kicking ass with new products. Their foundation is my favorite, and they’re releasing blushes soon. Please note, I am an affiliate with Mented, but started using their products before I ever worked with them or had a code (which really had me flattered because I already loved them!).

Beauty Bakerie: I was first drawn to Beauty Bakerie because of their branding – I love anything dessert or food-themed. When I wore their lipstick for over 8hrs, I was entranced by such witchcraft. The brand continues to release creatively-themed products and has expanded to both Ulta and Riley Rose.

Pat McGrath Labs: I know, Mama Pat isn’t cheap. Mother can also have all of my coins, admittedly. Pat’s eyeshadows are the best quality on the market in my humble opinion, and the packaging is luxe and gorgeous. The line is also expanding in July 2019 with foundation, setting powder, and primer. Yes to more complexion products!

Coloured Raine: Pigment everywhere. From the lipsticks to highlighters to eyeshadows to glosses…and even lashes, Coloured Raine will have you covered. And guess what? They’re also coming out with foundation! The dates on this one are still TBD, but I’ll certainly be watching. Bonus points for also being in Target – I love that I can grab a new lipstick by a black-owned brand pretty much any time I want.

NineThreeBeauty: When it comes to highlighters, I have to admit that I’m a NTB stan. My obsession with orange highlighter is absolutely their fault (Pumpkin Glow is one of my favorite shades), and Bel-Air, Confetti, and Peach Sugar are all three of my consistent go-tos. As I write this post, I’m looking at the Citrus Splash trio thinking I need to get on that.

For more brands, check out my black-owned brand list. What are your favorite black-owned makeup brands? xoxo

2 thoughts on “These Black-Owned Cosmetics Brands Can Have All My Coins

  1. A H says:

    I am just starting my foray into makeup and really appreciate your lost of BOBs! Just wondering if these brands are clean? I am concerned as we absorb a lot of what we put on our faces and don’t want to sacrifice health for beauty.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Elle says:

      I know Mented is vegan and non-toxic, and Beauty Bakerie is vegan-friendly. They should all have more info on their sites as well.

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