Leave-In/Gel (Styler) Combination Matrix

Updated: 3/26/19

Previously, I reviewed my own reviews if I couldn’t remember how a combination worked on my hair, but at this point, I simply have too many and there are too many natural hair products on the market. I need a resource that I can refer to quickly, and I’m sure you all would like the same. Please note, all of these recommendations are based on my personal hair experiences/reviews, so everything may not work for you, or you may like a combination that I don’t. For more information on my hair, please visit my holy grail list.

This matrix will be updated quite frequently to start, so please be patient if a combination you are curious about is blank. The green cells indicate requests or combinations that are priority. (G) indicates that the product as glycerin. If the row is all red, that means that I don’t like the gel at all and won’t use it on my hair.

If you have any questions or requests, please let me know and I will update accordingly. You should be able to also use this matrix as a baseline to create your own! xoxo

Ellevate Wash and Go Matrix – March 2019