dupeBLACK Black-Owned Business List

Updated: 12/20/21

You can also check out my video playlist of reviews of black-owned brands here.

**Educated consumer note: Please make sure you read brands’ shipping and return policies before ordering. I have seen many people, myself included, disappointed in shipping or return policies when they are clearly stated on the brand page.**

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Buying black-owned is becoming more and more of an emphasis everyday, but it definitely doesn’t always fall under the “convenient” spectrum. Truthfully, I get annoyed every time I write a compiled post either featuring black women or black business (not at them!) because it’s often so time consuming to get a good list going. It can take hours and hours of research and Googling (thank goodness for TV). And even furthermore, the quality of the product or customer service isn’t always known, which can potentially cause problems if someone has a less than stellar experience. So, I wanted to compile a list of businesses that I have ordered from and can vouch for, at least on some level. Happy shopping!




Men’s Lines