Merkaba Natural Hair Grow-Out Challenge

When the weather gets warmer, I feel like it’s always the perfect time for me to do a grow out challenge – I don’t like to protective style proactively and the winter is so dry and cold that I don’t really concentrate on wearing my hair out (it’s in a bun most of the time). Then, the other day I visited the BMvmnt Studio in New York (Buti’s new studio) and FINALLY got some Golden Ratio Merkaba, as I hadn’t felt like ordering it.

MERKABA - Metabolic Booster

What’s Merkaba?

Merkaba is an organic blend of matcha green tea, ginger, and cayenne pepper, and is marketed as an energy and metabolic booster. It is also said to help increase mental clarity and focus. Honestly, it pretty much tastes like spicy dirt but it doesn’t bother me.

But while I’m taking this supplement for health, I started thinking about the ingredients and how they are related to hair. Matcha, ginger, and cayenne are all said to increase hair growth when applied topically or internally, and this formula is loaded with all three. I also personally prefer to nourish my hair from the inside out, especially when we’re talking about pastes or things that can cause irritation to the skin (Have you ever gotten cayenne in your eye? I have, and it’s not pretty.)

MERKABA - Metabolic Booster

Each box comes with 30 servings, so I am incorporating Merkaba into my routine each morning and drink a packet once a day. After 30 days (or around 20 because of shipping), I will assess whether I want to keep taking it for health and gauge an effectiveness regarding hair growth. At $42 a box, it’s not exactly cheap.

I was going to break out my old length check tank top to measure growth, but surprise (!), my hair is already past the last line. For reference, this is the one I have.

Image result for length check tank

I don’t think I’m going to get another one because measuring length in inches and being so obsessed with growth isn’t really my thing anymore. I moreso want to eyeball length and thickness. I also take Futurebiotics Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamin and the Camille Rose Green supplement, but I’ve taken them for months and should be able to see if the Merkaba is making a difference.

I’ll be providing updates on my social media, so if you’re interested, be sure to follow me on Twitter @ellevate108 and join my beauty group on Facebook, Beauty in Glitterland. This should be fun – and spicy!


Skincare Tips and Reviews Ft. Estee Lauder and Cosmedix

Just like hair products, I think that reading ingredients is absolutely imperative when it comes to skincare. There are ingredients that I’ve found that my skin doesn’t particularly like, and it needs different things depending on the climate. The skincare industry is a huge part of the beauty industry, especially for women, and brands have no issue capitalizing off of this and jacking up their prices, promising to give us products that make our skin perfect and can make a 60-year old look 30. But are these all worth it? Check out my review of Estee Lauder and Cosmedix products below, two prestige skincare brands. I also discuss ingredients and what you can look for in your products.

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Glisten and Glow All Summer With These Fenty Beauty Body Lava Alternatives!

So – I’ve never claimed to be a MUA. In fact, I really just started getting into makeup when I started my IG page, dupeBLACK, a couple of years ago when I noticed how many people weren’t aware of how many black-owned brands there are out there. In my 20s, I was basically a powder/mascara/lipstick gal, and I *gasp* applied eyeshadow with those horrid sponge thingies. You can even check out my old videos and see! Actually, no, don’t check. 🙂

But what I have always been good at is being shimmery and glittery. For as long as I can remember, my nickname had some kind of glitter, fairy, or pixie-ish type word in it. I just think shimmer and shine makes the world a happier place. Unfortunately, I tried the Fenty Beauty Body Lava over the past weekend, and it just wasn’t my jam. The shimmer and microglitter were very pretty, but the consistency was not my preference, as I found it sticky and heavy. And trust me, I only applied a little.

Luckily, my shimmer game stays on point, so I wanted to offer my favorite alternatives to the Body Lava, whether you want a different formula or prefer a less expensive product. Check ’em out.

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