Why Miss Jessie’s Will NEVER See a Dime From Me (Okay they saw a dime or two)

Addendum, July 5, 2012: This post was originally written in March 2010. Since that time, Miss Jessie’s has made some changes for the better, including adding the ingredients to their site, changing their tagline (to “The Best Darn Products…Period” – which is still a giggle but fair enough), and concentrating less on turning kinks into curls, although I still feel as if their main focus is curl definition. That’s not my hair journey, but as it is the priority for several women, I can’t be mad at them for capitalizing on that marketing angle. They have also opened a salon called CurlBar, where they only do curly styles (no chemicals). Now…the prices at CurlBar may leave some of you throwing up in a corner (based on previous convos I have had with fellow curlies), but I won’t comment on that – companies charge what they charge, and people pay what they want to pay. Anyhow, while I commend Miss Jessie’s for the changes they have made over the past couple of years, they are certainly still far from being one of my stellar choices when it comes to caring for my hair (although the Super Sweetback Treatment is okay and I use it before I straighten b/c of the cones). Will I take down this post? Nope. But admittedly, they don’t annoy me *as much.* Again, if you love the products, sexy legumes and and may the force of the curl be with you. Personally, products that contain mineral oil do not generally work for me (not just MJ’s products), but it’s up to you. I am not your curl messiah and I don’t tell people what to do.


Disclaimer: Before I write this post, I want you to know that if you use Miss Jessie’s products and they work for you, good for you! I am not knocking anyone who uses Miss Jessie’s and likes it in any way. Do you – I’m sure there are some things that work for my hair that do not work for you hair, so you wouldn’t use my products. And that’s cool. Have I tried Miss Jessie’s? Nope! And don’t plan to (UPDATE – I actually did try them to form an educated and final opinion on the company due to some of the comments left on this blog that wanted to call me names like natural nazi and hater…and no, I didn’t like them…but that really isn’t even the point. I’m not even that opposed to them anymore, there are some other companies that make natural products that are just as shadester, I guess that’s how you make money in this day and age. Points still stand.). My thoughts on them has nothing to do with their products. I won’t lie, they leave a bad taste in my mouth. And it’s sad too, because I love their advertising and the design of their website. Also, that “Curly…” shirt is too cute! But alas, we can never be. Here’s why:

When I decided to go natural, I was looking for a product that would help my relaxed hair curl (ie, not look like a wavy, stringy mess), but still work on my natural hair as it grew. An acquaintance suggested Miss Jessie’s, and told me it totally “stepped her curl game up.” I’m all about upgrading, so I was very intrigued. I checked out their site and was about to order some Curly Pudding, or Meringue, I can’t really remember which, but was so excited about the new found hope for my natural journey that I wanted to see if I could get something on the ground (did I mention Miss Jessie’s does not list the ingredients by their products on the website – yea, okay). So, I Googled “Miss Jessie’s alternatives” and came across Kinky Curly products, which were sold at my Whole Foods. And they were less expensive – obviously, a no brainer. I picked up some KC stuff, but was still curious about Miss Jessie’s. As I continued my research (I was looking to see if someplace sold it for a cheaper price), I found that it contained mineral oil, petroleum, and cones (note – the Curly Pudding contains a water soluble cone, but their other products contain them – oh, and some have parabens too). On top of that, I found that the ingredients used to be way better, but when they became more mainstream they changed the formula without informing anyone. Hmmm. Now, these ingredients are not bad for the hair per se, but uhhhh, isn’t that the same stuff that was in my $3 grease from Sally’s (that I had just thrown away)? So, why does Miss Jessie’s stuff cost $38-$58 for 16oz? I mean, some of the ingredients looked good, but please don’t act like Blue Magic Coconut Hair Grease doesn’t contain coconut oil. Well, so that already annoyed me, and I was pretty much done with them. I jumped right into the world of product junkieism and found a ton (lol, literally) of products that contain yummy stuff for my hair.

Then…I found out that Miss Jessie’s does chemical treatments (for $600, so I’ve been told). Ummmm…why are you doing chemical treatments if you boast that your products are the “best darn products for natural hair period”? So they do this “silkener” thing…which is basically a texturizer with some conditioners to lessen the effect and moisturize your hair while they are stripping it with lye. FUN! And yes, to me texturizers are the same thing as relaxers. Same way that no-lye relaxers are basically the same thing as lye relaxers. Full of ish, I tell ya. So fine, some women get texturizers b/c they don’t know how to care for their natural hair. FINE! But, at the same time, don’t tout your company as being a thought leader in natural hair care and hand out lye like candy. I was even more annoyed.

THEN…I found out that Titi (one of the co-owners of Miss Jessie’s) has a silkener ie texturizer so she can get the “look” she wants without spending as much time on her hair. FINE! But don’t talk about how your products give women the ability to wear their natural hair, when yours isn’t even natural. I mean, don’t you use your own products? Practice what you preach. Thanks.

THEN…Titi and Miko went on Tyra, plugged their products…but NEVER mentioned the fact that they give chemical services at their salon, or that Titi has a silkener. Hmmmm….I’ll admit, you can find this information on their website, but I found it fishy that they didn’t mention it AT ALL on national TV, especially when it seems like they make so much money from them. Did I also mention that a “hair consult” at Miss Jessie’s is $75, and they charge you $50 to wash the product out of your hair so they can do an accurate assessment of your naked hair? Yeah….okay….and in case you think I’m lying, this is DIRECTLY from their FAQ on the website –

I feel a little self conscious arriving to your salon without my hair done. I’d like to come with it styled and with product in my hair. Will you still be able to determine what my curly style options will be when you consult with me?
No. We cannot give an accurate consultation based on hair that’s not in its unstyled/product free state. Wet not wash hair removing all product, twist or braid formation, and straight styles leaving your hair free form for your 1st visit. We charge $50 to prep hair for an accurate consultation.

You’re gonna charge me $50 to remove some gel from my hair, or wet my press so my hair is curly again? Absolutely ridic.

One of the ladies on NaturallyCurly contacted them about the fact that Titi didn’t say she had a texturizer, and they responded with this:

Our products do not have alternating chemicals such as Lye. Our products help those who DO NOT want Alternating chemicals such as relaxers, as said before we help people without changing their hair CHEMICALLY. Our products have a small amount of mineral oil besides the 16 ingredients, furthermore mineral oil ISNT the active ingredient, Shea Butter is the active ingredient.

Please don’t tell me that doesn’t sound like the most bollocks response ever. She didn’t ask about the products, can you read?!! Furthermore…a small amount of mineral oil? Newflash ladies, mineral oil is listed as the second ingredient on the Curly Pudding:

Ingredients: water, parafinium liquidum, glycerin, triethanolamine, fragrance, carbomer, PEG-12 dimethicone, dipropylene glycol, silk amino acids, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, avocado oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil, macademia seed oil, oleth05, ethylhexyl methoxycinnanate, disodium EDTA, DMDM hydantion, ext. violet 2

So, unless no one gave Miss Jessie’s the memo that companies list ingredients by how much is in the product (which would be stupid, because having MO as the second ingred makes them look wack), I’d say it’s a more than a little. Oh, and the active ingredient thing!? Basically to me that says, “We use fillers to mass produce our product, then charge out the ass for them because of the ‘active ingredient.'” Well you know, whatever floats your boat.

And honestly, if someone gave me some Miss Jessie’s products for free, I’d try them, and if I loved them, I still don’t think I would give them my money. All of the above is just too much marketing hype and tomfoolery for me. Yes, other companies practice the same techniques because that’s how you make money, but to me, positioning yourself as a thought leader and selling women the notion of having the “good” hair they always wanted, is just too much. Coming from me, that’s saying a lot. I’m not a natural nazi in any way – I don’t care what people do to their hair, I don’t care if people get relaxers, I don’t care if you want to put dog poop in your hair and pay $100 for it. But you won’t see ME doing it. Just sayin.

Til next time…xoxo

UPDATE: So…on Miss Jessie’s YouTube channel I was informed of the following comment regarding ingredients:

Hi, curly pudding, stretch silkening creme and quick curls do not have mineral oil. Please be aware that we are making changes regarding ingredients, this usually takes time, it can not happen overnight. Miko is all natural. Titi does have a silkener due to the volume of hair. this volume of hair without a silkener will take at least 2 hours to style and 3hours to dry. i hope this helps answer your question.

Now, unless the ingredients changed and they didn’t tell anyone, all three of these products have mineral oil. If you look on Curl Mart, it’s definitely in the ingredients for all three. Interesting, right? I left a comment asking about this; let’s see if they answer my question.

Well…it seems that they did not answer my question OR approve my comment, and also deleted their response which said they don’t contain mineral oil. HOW SHADY!

136 thoughts on “Why Miss Jessie’s Will NEVER See a Dime From Me (Okay they saw a dime or two)

  1. Cherelle Hale says:

    I am disappointed to find out Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding has formaldehyde as one of it’s ingredients.
    Read below:
    DMDM hydantoin is an antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative with the trade name Glydant. DMDM hydantoin is an organic compound belonging to a class of compounds known as hydantoins. It is used in the cosmetics industry and found in products like shampoos, hair conditioners, hair gels and skin care products.[1][2]
    DMDM hydantoin works as a preservative because the released formaldehyde makes the environment less favorable to the microorganisms.

    NO THANK YOU! I thought I had learned my lesson when I went through a hair catastrophe 1 1/2 years ago when I gave in to a keratin treatment. I had been struggling with a natural for 5 years and was ready for another change. (Supposedly no harmful chemicals-even claimed to be all natural) My hair looked amazing all down my back for 2 months-until it began falling out. Like rotten cotton. Then I did my research (way to late) only to find out there is formaldehyde in these keratin treatments. My beautician cut my hair very short and I started all over with my natural. This time my kinks grew back in tighter coils. I vowed to never put another treatment on my hair. Today, however, looking for moisturizers for my curls, I decided to give Miss Jessie’s a try. I became alarmed when my coils began to lengthen. I knew from experience that was a chemical change. No “moisturizer could lengthen your curls -and stay without help. I read the ingredients, didn’t see the word formaldehyde-but, I had a gut feeling when I saw DMDM Hydantoin. What was that? So I googled it and came up with the above description. What the #*^@!?! Who are these women making products for sistahs who want to rock a natural, putting chemicals that straighten and weaken hair in their products?! WARNING: Stay away from Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding if you do not want the structure of your curl to break down-or your hair to weaken-or you just don’t want any harsh chemicals in your hair. Tiko & Miko-whatever-you should warn consumers that formaldehyde is in your product, and it could change the structure of their curl pattern-permanently.

    • Elle says:

      Well…that’s not exactly true. The chemical in keratin treatments is different from dmdm hydantoin, which is a preservative where the main concern is skin irritation. It’s in several products and I use it (although it’s nice if a product doesn’t have it). It’s in several of my products and my curls haven’t loosened. The culprit for you may be something else. I do understand the concern with that ingredient though.

  2. Jacqueline Coupet says:

    Clearly ‘J’ has an agenda coming here refuting a blogger’s right to post her opinion and asking for addendums… If J does in fact work for Ms Jessie’s (obviously there’s an affiliation of some sort), try not to be so damn defensive and transparent about your affiliation in the interest of good marketing. How phony!

  3. Femi Abon says:

    This is late but thanks for this post Elle! I thought I was alone in how I felt about Miss Jessies. Anyways if you go to their site they still promote “turning your kinks into curls.” I was looking at the before and afters and they repeatedly say things like “we turned her kinks into curls with…” Just and fyi, they really didn’t change much at all.

  4. sprezzatura66 says:

    Wow, so much excitement over simeone’s right to have an opinion! I’ve been natural for about 17 months, previously mild texturized so transitioning wasn’t too difficult. But my hairstylist recommended MJ Buttercreme for healthy growth. I am a PJ, so I started trying the other stuff and as a newbie didn’t know much about natural hair products. Well two years later, and two BOGOs sales – I’m done with MJ. my hair stylist no longer promotes MJ, and I’ve found healthier alternatives that work better for my hair and don’t smell like grapes on steroids (Curly Pudding, there’s a non-scented formula but only in small size).

    I think MJ is the first for a lot of people, if it works for you – all good. If not, all good. I’ve tried selling what I have on Craigslist – no takers in Baltimore or Annapolis, hmm?

    Elle, thanks for your opinion – I’ve learned more about hair health and products in the last 60 days than 2 years of being natural. I wish I’d known about you years ago, my hair is so much healthier now.

    All the best.

  5. Neletia Sam says:

    Hi, I was elated to find Miss Jessies to use in my hair. I am newly trying to embrace my curls, and am an uninformed consumer. I can only use a small amount of the curly pudding because it leaves my hair looking flaky, and do not like the stretch silkener. My hair feels course. Please list the products that should not be in natural products please. I also welcome suggestions on cheaper alternatives. I am also interested in cut and color in NYC thanks

    • Elle says:

      You mean ingredients? There are tons and tons of non-natural ingredients that go into hair products but are not included in *natural* products (however, natural does NOT mean better). You will need to read the lists and if you are unsure, Google the ingredient. There are several alternatives on my blog of products I have reviewed – I go over the ingredients in all of my reviews. Good luck!

  6. msdizzydolores says:

    You are correct. The samples I received this week clearly state the following:

    Curly Butter Creme – Water, Petrolatum, Glycerin, Mineral Oil…blah blah blah
    Curly Pudding – Water, Paraffinum Liquidum

    I used the Pillow Soft Curls on Friday and my hair was so frizzy and dry. I will NEVER use their products again. I actually had to dig the two samples out to get the ingredients to verify your addendum.

  7. explicitdreamer21 says:

    One thing I do know for sure is that texturizer’s aren’t natural and I hate when women think they are natural sporting that lol, it makes me laugh and wonder do these people really want to love and embrace their natural hair texture or are they just trying to fit into what society calls “good hair” lol. I love my natural hair texture the way it is. Natural hair is beautiful, the only reason why I got a relaxer when I was younger is because my mom insisted. Now that I am a young adult I can make my own decisions regarding my hair which is why I went back to being natural. Thanks for the post 🙂

  8. Sabrina Boissiere says:

    100+% agree! I went natural with the BC on 1/1/12 and the 1st product I tried was MJ… My hair was dry, flaky and overall yuck… almost made me reach for a relaxer… I went on their site and realized that they were doing overpriced ‘S’ curls! So moved on to Kinky Curls and Shea Moisture…

  9. N says:

    The problem I have always had with Miss Jessie’s is the price. It is way too overpriced and it seems that the consumer is paying for the name just because the product was seen on a television show that is not on the air anymore. The prices range from $22 to as high as $65 at my local Target and I cannot justify spending that much for one hair product that contains cheaper materials such as mineral oil. The price of mineral oil used in Miss Jessie’s is cheaper than coconut and avocado oils used in such products as Shea Moisture and Camille Rose Naturals but why are the Shea Moisture and other products much cheaper than Miss J’s? Miss J’s just reminds me of a jazzed up pink lotion. Also because of my my health issues I am trying to stay away from questionable items such as parabens and some harsher cones. Sure I am looking for great curl definition but I am not going broke to achieve it.

    P.S. My friend loves the 3 Sisters of Nature products which are knockoffs of Miss J’s and Kinky Curly products for the fraction of the price. My friend uses Stretch out Cream which is comparable to Miss J’s Stretch Silkening Cream and says it does not contain mineral oil.

  10. Josie Kaplan says:

    This is in response to whoever J is, I live in NYC, and you cannot compare MJ salon to chaz dean or john frieda, first of all they cater to two different ethnic groups, the appropriate comparison would be Devachan, Hair Rules or Ouidad all give free consultations, are upscale and cater to not only african american hair but naturally curly hair for all ethnic groups, all three are also in manhattan and are very upscale not only in the areas they are located in but in the cliental they cater to, and by no means does any service of their cost $500 dollars unless your having a handmade real hair wig made. So since you call your self a “researcher” make sure your doing so thoroughly and not comparing apples to oranges.

  11. legallynatural says:

    Yes, I totally agree that some of these people are obviously affiliated with MJ. Otherwise, how can one possibly get upset over an OPINION someone holds regarding FACTS about a particular company or its products. Further, I do not think that people are picking on MJ. I think that MJ was one of the first products geared towards natural hair so ppl are more familiar with them. However, once most of us became more familiar with our natual hair and started researching ingredients, it became irrational to us to pay the prices MJ charges for the same ingredients that are in Blue Magic or Lusters Pink Lotion etc.,. Also, if you look at a lot of the new products surfacing, most of them got the hint and are not putting cheaper or possibly harmful ingredients in their products. This begs the question as to why MJ has not followed suit. So, for me, as well as I suspect for others, this is mainly an ethical issue. As stated, just because something is all natural does not mean that it will work properly on your hair or not be damaging to it. But MJ as a company subscribes to some ideologies that I cannot support. Even if they have removed the “turn your kinks into curls” slogan, that still follows them because whenever I am in Target or the BSS in my city that sells them, I hear mostly non curly naturals discussing how they are going to buy MJ bc they heard thats the only product that will turn their kinks into curls. Now, I know that MJ is not the only company to use puffery or downright dishonesty to sell their products, nor are they the only company to sell their potential consumers false hopes. But, as natural hair is a hobby for me, this peaks my interest. Its my opinion. Of which I am entitled to have, and if I were a blogger, I would blog about it. And anyone who would accuse me of hating or bashing a company, would get politely read, from left to right, no bookmark. BC there would be no tea in China before I could ever hate on $60 grease and a chic with a kiddie perm.

  12. Tiffanie Nicole says:

    So…I’ve never posted on this site, though I read it often. I’m confused as to why someone would go a a mission to dispell Elle’s PERSONAL OPINION?! This is HER blog, with HER opinions. She states that very clearly. Whether you love or hate MJ products is up to you. Read on, then move one. You can surely disagree, but going on a “research” expedition reporting your “findings” is just silly. It also makes you look like you have ulterior motives in MY OPINION. It’s great that you like the products, and that you’d pay 70+ for a wash and go. A lot of people wouldn’t, and that’s ok too. You can share your positive opinion of the products without coming off like you’re in a debate. It’s not that deep, ever…unless you’re than manufacturer. 🙂

    That said, I’m a 4/a/b/c and I don’t care for the products. Their buttercreme worked for twists, but the price was not worth the results…especially when I found blended beauty products. I’m all about health of my hair and affordabililty. I don’t live in NY, so I’m not concerned with the cost of living there. We all have choices. As for me and my kinks, we will continue rocking with the smaller brands who cater to my hait type/texture, and allow me to save a few dollars.

  13. K Rasheda Ball-Speights says:

    Wow, so a representative of Miss Jessie’s google their name and go HAM on people that don’t like their products? I purchased their products in the past because I didn’t/don’t care about mineral oils. But after finding other (cheaper) products I decided to go without shelling over the big bucks for my hair and put it in Food & Gas for my car (yea to me Miss Jessie’s is enough to feed me for two weeks and a full tank) I think it’s sad that someone can’t share their opinion without being attacked. This is a personal opinion, just like Elle we can do the research on our own and not rely on the next person to do so. Miss Jessie’s products suck (for lack of better words) and they’re pricey. The only time they sell major product is when they do the BOGO sale.

  14. Sharletta Dews (@Letta510) says:

    I feel like people pick on MJ a lot, there are many other pro brands that are expensive and dont have the “best” ingredients. ever since i was transitioning i have heard about all natural products like kinky curly and curls brand, that stuff was crap in my hair and i would use miss jessies instead any day.

    • Elle says:

      I disagree that it’s picking on them, but if it works for you, it works. And no, just because something is natural does not mean it will work well.

  15. J says:

    Okay, I promise this is it for me, no more post but…

    I just check out Curlbar (http://www.missjessiescurlbar.com/menu/) and the prices are by no means something that will make “me” “throw up in a corner”. Let me reemphasize, I said “me”. First because I promise you if you go to the leading hair stylists in New York, DC, or LA you will see those prices are indeed “great” as they advertise on that website. For me, I believe in quality items. Now don’t get me wrong, if I can get the same result from something that is much much cheaper, I’m no fool, I will do so. Still, this salon is an upscale salon in New York City!!! I’m not sure why anyone would have an issue with paying the prices that are posted on that website, because I promise you, you will probably NOT get any service for that price from Chaz Dean salon, John Freida, or Chris McMillan salons (who predominately cater to those of a different ethnicity than I). Do you guys realize how much real estate is in New York. I think the prices are fair…. Be Blessed! 😉

  16. J says:

    I’m a researcher. I am vividly aware of what I put in my hair and skin for that matter. As you stated this article is old. And as a responsible blogger, you should update the post accordingly. I see now that you have done so (good job). I just find it strange that people say they don’t care what others do, but then post articles like this bashing a product. I honestly don’t care if people choose to not use products with mineral oil. I know what works for me and use whatever works, whether it has mineral oil or not. Also, please note: mineral oil is not simply used in hair products. Its used in thousands (if not millions) of other cosmetic products around the world. And trust me, there is a reason its still used in products and millions of people buy them … because it works!

    • J says:

      Also, unless Carol’s Daughter has changed her MO, her hair products are natural (or they used to be). This is a quote from the website. “Carol’s Daughters has been known for its natural beauty products for more than 20 years.
      Each hair, skin and body indulgence collection is infused with rare ingredients that bring out your natural beauty.” So if these products are not all natural they are advertising them as such. Please don’t misunderstand this last reply. I am NOT against any product all natural or not. My sole goal when using a product is does it work for my hair. If it does, I’m buying it period… Be blessed y’all! 🙂

      • Elle says:

        Natural, not ALL natural. Many of her ingredients are natural but there are some emulsifiers, pH adjusters, emollients, silicones, etc – that are not considered natural. It’s all marketing, which is why it’s important to read ingredients lists and do your research, as I stated before.

    • Elle says:

      When I indicated researching ingredients I was referring to the fact that Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk isn’t natural either even though you indicated that it is. I have 400+ posts, one cannot expect me to continuously update my posts based on the marketing efforts of a company unless someone brings it to my attention, as you did – so thanks! Also, as a blogger, I can give my opinion on a company – No one would be upset if my opinion was praising, so why be upset because it’s critical? It’s a double standard, plain and simple.

      • J says:

        I said my last post, not reply….. Let me say this and it will indeed be the last thing I post on this website….

        In reply to this comment ” I have 400+ posts, one cannot expect me to continuously update my posts based on the marketing efforts of a company unless someone brings it to my attention, as you did – so thanks!”

        ~~ In fact, one does expect you to be a responsible blogger and update each and every post accordingly. If you have too many post on your website to ensure they are all updated then maybe you need to remove some of them or hire a staff to assist you in these efforts. It is absolutely irresponsible and down right ugly to post an article about a company and leave the original post there years later, even when it is no longer revelant. Responsible journalist update their articles and remove them when they are no longer valid/accurate.

        Additionally, I don’t care if your article is positive or negative. My only concern is, is it accurate. Bottom-line when I originally read this article it was not accurate! That speaks volumes to me about your credibility as a blogger and/or reviewer of a product. Get it right! If you feel negative about a product and your comments encourage the company to make the changes needed… give the company the “update” they deserve for paying attention.

        Finally, I believe in people right to choose. God does, and so do I!! If every person in the United States said something was wrong with Miss Jessie’s product than that is their opinion and it absolutely would NOT change my opinion of it. So do you! Give your opinion negative or positive, just ensure that is accurate and REMAINS accurate as long as the article REMAINS on the internet. Be a responsible journalist (be it professionally or not) be responsible for what you put out there! Be blessed, Elle! I’m sure your followers love your reviews….

      • Elle says:

        I don’t think that’s true – companies change their ingredients all the time and a blogger may not know (because we don’t keep going back to their sites). As an informed consumer, you can fact check as well. I am not a professional blogger and do not have a staff. Also…a blogger is not the same thing as a journalist in a news outlet, well, not all of us. Good day.

      • Elle says:

        And by the way…as my “credibility” as a blogger is “shot,” yours is as a commenter as well. No offense, but I find it funny that you have never commented on anything on my site, yet visit this one (which is most likely the most controversial post I have on this blog), and are so invested yet you have not even tried the products yet? Hm.

  17. J says:

    I purchased the Curly Pudding and Curly Meringue today at Target and I’m so excited to try it… Let me tell all your ladies something my dermatologist told me after I had a serious allergic reaction to a “natural” product, “Just because something is all natural does not mean it good for you. Poison Ivy is all natural but you don’t want to rub that all over your face”. Look people a good product is a good product period. Who says it has to be all natural to work. I don’t know if you guys are upset because it contains mineral oil or upset because it contains mineral oil AND it’s kind of expensive. Either way, it’s truly your choice, but there are lots of expensive “beauty” products that DO contain mineral oil. All in all I want something that works. I have tried LOTS including picking up a bottle of Kinky Curly. detangler. I don’t see any mention that their products are the Best Darn Products “for natural hair” period. Rather it simply says “The Best Darn Products… Period” Also, I don’t see any mention on their website that they are somehow opposed to someone having relaxed hair. So to me there is no integrity issues with Miss Jessie’s. The company’s name sake is from the same place my family is from and I don’t care what anyone has to say about their products. If they work for me I will use them as long as they are offered and will always be able to afford them in the name of Jesus! I honestly don’t understand why so many people are opposed to mineral oil. I still believe in using the same old stuff to “grease” my scalp and I use vaseline on my skin daily! Mineral oil is my friend and I am beautiful praise God! If others have allergic or negative reactions to mineral oil, then by all means stay away from it, but don’t knock a company for using a beauty products that has been around since pretty much forever! Way before relaxers where popular! Bottom line, if Miss Jessie’s works great on my hair I will tell every single person interested what I use on my hair that I already get lot of comments about. I will say, I used Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk, (all natural) it started out doing really great then eventually stopped giving me the results I was looking for. Additionally, I used Shea Moisture, that stuff is awful! It was a lot less expensive than Miss Jessie’s but it rendered my hair heavy , stiff, and kind of sticky to the touch.

    • Elle says:

      If you look at the date posted, this article is old – Miss Jessie’s has switched up their marketing quite a bit, which I think is due to the previous outcry about certain things, like the major “turn your kinks into curls” initiative and the best darn products for natural hair thing. They have also added the ingredients to the site since I wrote this (praise baby Jesus!), I noticed because I was just on their site yesterday looking for information on a new product. Also, I don’t care if they use mineral oil, but it usually doesn’t work on *my* hair (and I’ve tried the products as stated and some others with MO and it’s never good), so I choose to not take the gamble and spend my money on products that have MO when I already have several staples. I also don’t care if their products are expensive as others are, I use other products that are expensive and hell, if it works, it works. BUT – their marketing was very skewed when I wrote this piece and I was especially annoyed at the things they stated in their interviews and how they addressed people on YouTube. And by the way, The CD Hair Milk isn’t all natural either, so I encourage you to do some research about ingredients and become familiar with what you are putting on your hair.

  18. anialw says:

    Thank you so much for this blog! I just went to Target and could not believe the price so before I shelled out all my $$ I decided to do some gooling. I have a mixed daughter with beautiful curly hair but does require lots of meintenance especially because she is an active 8 year old. For the most part she wears her hair in braids and pony tails ( because my skills are not so great and she hates corn rows), but also to be able to take it out easily and clean and moisturize it when required. We have user Kinky Curly for special occasions and the curls really do look great! From my perspective, whether you are mixed, or not has no bearing on products. My daughter is mixed but has pretty tight curls and I know if other mixed kids whose curls are much more loose as well as non mixed kids whose curls are just like my daughters.

    I’m always on the look out for natural products and I have to say its hard to find stuff that works as well as the “bad” ones. BUT I will keep trying. I refuse to have my daughter relax or even texturize her hair. I hear lots of African American women giving me that advice including some of my close friends but we will keep going natural and keep reading great blogs like yours! Thanks so much for the great info.

  19. Kinks-N-All says:

    Soooo …. I wanted too see for myself what was up with the whole “silkener” issue and had a conversation with someone from the company.(If you go to the MJ website you can click the “live chat” and ask them anything you want) – this is what i got.
    ME: What exactly is the “silkener”?
    Mery: The Silkener is a trademarked chemical technique created and developed at Miss Jessie’s Salon. To tweak existing curls, kinks or waves, address shrinkage, turn kinks to curls, combat frizz, and make hair more manageable. It’s an excellent service for the individual interested in wearing both straight and curly hair with out permanent straight-style commitment.

    Mery: We have a stretched silkining creme but it’s just a styling creme not the chemical process.

    ME: So its (what i know as) a texturizer?

    Mery: no

    Mery: The Silkener is a custom service designed to accommodate the special needs of the individual’s texture. Conventional texturizer methods often leave clients with random results (sometimes under processed or over-processed forcing you into a relaxed straight state).

    Mery: Like a relaxer or texturizer, the Silkener is a chemical as well. The precautions are the same to prevent a sensitive scalp but the end result is different.

    ME : Is your natural texture permnantly changed like it would be if you had a perm/texturizer?

    Mery: The silkner only helps loosen the hair texture to help it be more manageable.

    Mery: no it does not

    ME: How many washes after the chemical process is applied that your actual texture comes back after its been loosened?

    Mery: That will be a question for a stylist and they are able to help you if you call at 212-966-5600. I can further assist you with product questions you may have.

    Mery: 🙂

    ME: Thanx for your help ! 🙂 but that will be all … Im trying to stay away from cones and mineral oils.
    I totally agree with you ! Its a little shady ! The reason i dont like it is beacuse -NOT THAT SHE HAS A TEXTURIZER- but because its making something seem like its not. If you are ebracing your natural texture EMBRACE it.

  20. Nikka says:

    So sad I wasted time and money on miss jessie’s greasy products. Gave me greasy hair the first day, flat hair the second and dry hair the third! But Kinky curly custard is my new found loooove! Its amazing! This product gave me hair that I didn’t know I had! And for low cost. Thanks for this post & I highly recommend KCC & THERE shampoo, etc.

  21. CurlyTPie says:

    I wish I would’ve read this before I bought Curly Pudding. I’ve been an au naturale for 10 years now wearing my hair pressed/straight during the fall/winter and curly during the spring/summer. I have tried LOTS of products, both expensive and inexpensive over the years and have settled on using simple clear gel and a really good blow dyer and diffuser. It has kept the curl of my hair without the frizz, but did notice the gel does dry my hair out. So I saw this stuff and figured I’d give it a try. I haven’t been this disappointed in a hair product in a LONG time. I opened the tub and see this purple sutff and was immediately turned off. Over the years, I’ve learned that hair product with non natural colors can’t be truly natural. I saw the video about shingling and tried it…And I felt like I was shellacing my hair with relaxer because my hair was completely white/purplish, but at least it smelled good. Eventually the color of the Curly Pudding went away and my hair started to dry and I thought it would turn out well… Until I went outside this morning… One thing I appreciate about gel… IT HOLDS. This stuff made my hair the frizzy in 1 hour of being outside what takes 2-3 days of my gel to do. Guess I’m back to the drawing board. As for their salon, I was somewhat interested in paying them a visit, but was on the fence because their own FAQ and Before/After sections did not seem quite right. I was concerned that I would get there and they wouldn’t address the actual issues I have with my hair, but instead throw some product and chemicals on it and show me the door. So glad I read this article to save myself the frustration.

  22. Natasha says:

    OMG I LOVE YOU! So true!!!! I agree 100%
    I personally have NEVER used the products based on price, amount and ingrediants….i was called crazy for not using them…from ppl who never thought to read ingrediants. I am crazy huh? Yea right!

  23. curlygirly says:

    Thanks for the heads up on MJ. A less than$3.00 bottle of Aussie Moist Conditioner and a Denman Brush give me the most beautiful curls in the world. Everyday, someone asks me “what do you do to get those gorgeous curls?”

  24. unavailable says:

    i AGREE With you too…BUT IM WONDERING…WHHHHYYYYY issss allllll these black hair care on the web companies (im getting hootin mad here!!)…WHO use to sell there shampoos, condish. and hair leave in’s in 16oz bottles ARE NOW ALLLLL COPY CATTING all the otha sistahs on the internet sites and damn hell REDUCING THERE PACKAGING’S Of there shampoos, and conditioners and leave in’s to crappy 8oz sizes…and then RACK UP THE COSTS OF the price of a 16oz bottle pricing to the 8oz bottles!!???9 Ya hear what im sayin??).. Im getting realllllly ticked off with the companies on line i use to buy from…who use to sell 16oz hair products…alllllllll Now sell there hair products allllll in 8oz and racking up the prices to $16- $20.00 one damn 8oz bottle of shampoo!!?? COME ON LADIES OUT THERE STOP RIPPING US OFF HERE…ITS BAD ENOUGH THAT OUR ECONOMY IS SCREWED UP BUT DONT SCREW UP YOUR PRICES OF YOUR HAIR PRODUCTS!!! Hair care companies (them private mom and pop stores online) IS GETTING DAMN HELL RIDICULOUSLY OVERPRICED For a 8oz bottles!!! BRING BACK THEM 16OZ SIZES AND KEEP IT THE PRICES YOU CHARGE FOR THEM 8OZ BOTTLES!!!!!!

  25. NaturalMystic says:

    I was so fooled by Miss Jessie’s products and bought over $400 worth of junk. I have to say I found this post too late. My hair started break and shedding like crazy! All the products are garbage they are all just jars of grease and did nothign but damage my natural hair!!

    • J says:

      I honestly do not understand how a jar of grease can damage anyone’s hair. I have never in my life heard of that. Leave it heavy, limp, oily…yes, but damage it…no! Now if it was loaded with alcohol or other drying ingredients I can see someone say it damaged their hair but how can a jar of grease damage your hair? There’s a big difference in your hair not looking bouncy and curly (loaded with grease) and being damaged. My mother has used grease on my hair since I was a little girl. I stopped using grease when I got “grown” and it took me years to realize why my hair did not look the way it did when I was younger. My hair enjoys grease and I intend to keep it happy! 🙂

      • Elle says:

        Who said grease was damaging? I reread my post and don’t see that…there is nothing wrong with grease if your hair likes it…

      • J says:

        Elle, if you notice that was in reply to NaturalMystic’s post dated April 17,2012.~~ “All the products are garbage they are all just jars of grease and did nothign but damage my natural hair!!” ~~~ Calm all that down, please….

      • Elle says:

        Actually…I couldn’t see that…the comments come up in my dashboard in the order people post them in. But okay!

  26. helen says:

    i fell for the impeccable design and label! i tried sample-size baby buttercream and one other, forgot which one. used up one bottle and gave the other one to a friend. i absolutely *hated* the scent (smelt like cheap mens cologne, and strongly at that – not good!). and then my hair became so dry……so, of course i would never buy it in a regular size. the products scent alone would be enough for me to not buy it again, but add to that the dryness it caused on my hair, split ends….smh….shady business tactics etc…..

  27. BeeB says:

    Bravo! This is the very reason I never ever wanted to jump in the Miss Jessie line. Too dam expensive and false advertising. I have better results with products that are under 10 dollars. Heck the only line that I have spend money on is Carol’s Daugther and I will admit seem of her products are reasonable in price and it does wonders on my hair. Miss Jessie won’t get a penny from me. Too much money for a jar of mineral oil and countless other items proven to not be good for the hair. And don’t get me started with that silkener crap…..that is false advertising!

  28. T says:

    I dont think theres anything “shady” about it. I feel that they make it clear on the website that they do chemical treatments but SPECIALIZE in natural services. Theres nothing wrong with doing both but being known for one more than the other. Most people that look to miss jessies are looking for natural hair products so why plug the relaxers or silkeners if most people arent even looking to them for that? They advertise what theyre popular for….natural hair……but i agree about titi.

    • Elle says:

      Fair enough, I understand you on that…but that particular interview just rubbed me the wrong way (the one on Tyra), because they really were acting like you can only go natural if you use MJ’s…and I was like hold up, wayment! But there have certainly been shadier dealings I’ve seen since blogging… Oh, and you know…I’m not sure how much of the market they are going to have “on lock” in the future…I was at the BSS looking at all the new products and it looks like a lot of the companies are mimicking their formulas. I heard they are coming out with new stuff this June and I think it’s going to need to be more natural for them to stay relevant.

      • T says:

        ah i see your point. i think the only reason i would be reluctant to buy the products is because there are sooo many mixed reviews. there are other products that are around the same price as theirs (hair rules for example) and i don’t think that products at that price can afford to have reviews that mixed.

  29. Kelly says:

    There’s a difference between talking trash just for the sake of it vs calling out shady business practices and you are calling them out. Thanks for posting your honest opinion of MJ’s products. People can’t refute the truth and posting things MJ’s representatives have said is just giving putting as many consumers up on game as possible. I appreciate it. Its not hating when its the truth. If you want to turn a side-eye even though said company is being shady then that is on you. Every Natural [woman] for themselves.

  30. NM says:

    Wow, what a well thought out and honest assessment of Miss Jessie’s. I am in complete agreement with you; although, I’ve never considered any of this before. Thank you for presenting such a great argument! I have to say, this made me officially DONE with MJ as well.

  31. stardionne6 says:

    I peeped the Miss Jessie’s game back in 2005 when i worked for Carol’s Daughter (at the Brooklyn store mind you before the large expansion). clients would of Miss Jessie’s would come in for the Hair Milk (old formula, mind you) to apply to their hair post Miss Jessie’s texturizer. i forgot how i figured out it was a texturizer but clients of theirs would come in with a scarf wrapped around their heads. it seemed very misleading.
    i admit i purchased the missjessie’s conditioner during the holidays because it was buy one get one few. but i will probably never buy it again.

  32. Amelia McGee says:

    Thanks for the info Elle! I actually stopped ordering their products about 2 Christmases ago. They normally have two for one sales around that time. Once I found more natural products at lower prices, I was like “Miss Jessie who??” I mean, you’re right. Why is it that they have to charge out the ass for products for US? And yes, I heard even a haircut at that place can cost you $400. A woman who went there that I met in Walgreens told me thats how much she paid. RIDIC! Totally disgusting. Thank God we have people like you who can educate us without the HUB BUB. Thanks Elle! XOXOXO

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dear Elle:
    I love your blog. Very informative, analytical and nice. I just recently subscribed and just received your new post. keep up the good work. Moreover you are beautiful and intelligent, and izzi is gorgeous.
    I copy everything you do for her.

  34. Curlvana says:

    I recently received some free Miss Jessie’s Samples a gift from my mom who also got the samples for free (from Shecky’s Shopping event) and I tried out the Super Sudsy Slip Shampoo( I think thats the name) and Curly Meringue. I was never interested in trying Miss Jessie’s products( just wasn’t drawn to them). But I tried the samples thinking I wasn’t going to like it and I was actually kind of impressed with the Shampoo. But at the same time I think all their stuff over priced and I will never by the Shampoo. I hated the curly meringue it was awful. It was way too thick( at least for my hair). They are for sure off my list! Anyway I’m getting off track because What I really wanted to say was that it is so easy to get wrapped up in the hype and spend lots of money on products because of their claims or because of bias positive reviews on Youtube( that annoys me so much). I hate that there are black owned companies taking advantage of their own people. To top it off the economy is horrible right now. The average person should not be spending $14 on a bottle of shampoo especially, if it is not of quality and you can get the same thing for $3. The way I save money is knowing what ingredients I don’t want this way I’m not limited to what the bottle tells me the product will do.

    I think when it comes to Miss Jessie’s the proof is in the pudding. Women of color are very knowledgeable on hair so they(Miss Jessie’s) can’t try to sell us grease and call it curly meringue. Their dishonesty and unprofessionalism will come back to bite them. But as consumers we need to do research and read ingredients in products. This was a great post and I’m really glad you wrote it because they need to be exposed.

  35. Kiss says:

    I have been natural for over 3 years and I finally decided to try MJ products. They worked good for a few days and I realized my hair was starting to dry out and break off. What a waste of money. I hate how I never see women on MJ website with my type of hair, it is always women with ‘good’ hair. I don’t understand why they charge so much for their products either.

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