The First Natural Hair Product I Ever Used


My hair with KCCC

Surprisingly enough, I still remember mine like it was yesterday – and I wasn’t even natural yet! I was trying to find a way to stop blow drying and flat ironing my hair during May of 2009, when the DMV starts to get VERY humid and walking from the metro to my job wasn’t working out for my hair at all. I posed this question to my friend, who then told me that she used Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding to keep her curls “poppin.” Granted, she had a weave, but she had my ear.


‘I Felt Freedom’: A Black Man Speaks on His Natural Hair Journey


Although the natural hair community mainly focuses on women, there are many men who have grown tired of close cuts, and are now opting for full afros and frohawks. And if you grew out your own natural hair from a fade or teeny weeny afro, you know that hair health is important even if your goal isn’t hip length. In this interview, I talk with Dunson, a corporate professional turned full-time musician who ditched his super short hair.


Elle’s Black Friday Wish List and Discounts

Thanksgiving is a few days away, and you know what that means – Black Friday sales! Although I generally don’t support mainstream companies, I like to use this opportunity to re-up on my favorite hair products as well as try some new things on sale from small businesses. In the years past, I mainly focused on hair products, but this year I’m expanding to all things mind, body, and soul (I think my coat counts too because being cold isn’t good for my soul). Here’s my list:


New to Yoga? Get Started with a Challenge!


As many of you who are a part of my Facebook page know, I began doing yoga consistently around May 2015. Previously, I had done some yoga DVDs and classes on and off, but never really got into them. For the most part, I thought that yoga was boring and frustrating because I swear, I’m like the least flexible person on Earth.

But I don’t know, this time around, something changed. Perhaps it was a need to alleviate the stress of being a full-time adult or the fact that I tried Beachbody workouts and those caused injury for me, but over the past six months, I’ve fallen in love with my practice. I frequently leave my yoga mat in the middle of the floor so I can stretch or practice asanas (poses) while I watch TV, have bought more yoga clothes than work clothes, and even (GASP) wake up earlier to get a practice in to start my day.

Currently, I try to do around 45-60 minutes a day, but I started out with much shorter practices that were part of yoga challenges. If you’re new to yoga, I think this is a great idea because it allows you to build up more strength before increasing your practice time (contrary to popular belief, yoga requires a lot of strength, especially in the core), takes up less time which makes you more likely to stay consistent, and allows you to double up with your regular workout if you don’t think yoga is enough cardio alone. Also, these challenges are free (free.99, y’all!), so it’s a great way to try out yoga without spending a ton of money on live classes or an online community. Here are some of the challenges I’ve tried: