Twists Comparison: May vs. August

Hey y’all! I just did a set of twists using the following:

– Curl Junkie Honey Butta Leave-In

– Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding

Usually, I use one or the other, but I decided to use both this time for a little more hold. When I was finished, I smoothed some Carol’s Daughter Hair Elixir over my hair.

I thought it would be interesting to compare this set to the last time I did some twists, which was on May 21st. So, let’s compare.

Twists: May 21st

Twists: August 17th

I’m happy I can wear twists out now with more length – I’ll probably wear these for three or four days, then rock a twist out.


34 thoughts on “Twists Comparison: May vs. August

  1. makeupvixen says:

    Looking good Chica! Pissed at Ohm because I ran out months ago and still can’t find them anywhere, not even Sage. ARGH! Everything looks good on you chica!

  2. DebbieDeb says:

    Nice! I don’t feel my hair is quite long enough yet for twists/twist outs (I’m in the weird in between stage and would probably look like a plucked chicken). But…i’m keeping hope alive!

  3. pinkcurlgirl says:

    For me, it’s not just the length but the THICKNESS – i swear, if i put my hair in twists that thick, I would end up with about five in total! x

  4. elainebknyc says:

    Hey ladies…just wondering if the ladies who have an issue with seeing too much scalp with two strand twists have tried setting them? I find that helps to camouflage the parts and give my hair the illusion of having more body. I also typically pin mine up in the back (a pseudo half french roll) and have the curls at the top and sides. I do agree though, two strand twists def aren’t the best style for those of us with finer strands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah I’ve tried the setting lotion as well. It’s doesn’t work any way I try it. I use to get my hair professionally microtwisted and it looked half-way decent but, still not as beautiful as Elle’s. But thanks for the suggestion Nu-Nu!

  5. Confessions of LadyV69 says:

    Great results! Major hair envy here. My hair is very fine so my twists would NEVER look as thick and full as yours. My twistouts look okay, but the twists themselves? Forget it. In fact, I’ve given up on doing them because they look so scalpy on me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great comparison pics Elle! I love twists but I don’t do them often because of the scalpy look and lack of patience. After this wash n go I’m rocking I think I’ll give it a go again. I tried twists with the honey butta and it was not the business so instead of giving up on the CJ line I ordered the coffee coco cream and love, love, love the results with that. My twists were shiny, fat and oh so soft.

  7. Carla says:

    Do you twist your hair while wet, damp, or completely dry? I want to start making twists in my hair soon, but not sure what the best way is. Yes, I’ve been natural for 8+ years and never wore my hair in twists, LOL.

    • HB says:

      Mainly on wet hair. I did a video probably back in March with a tutorial. And I can understand not wearing them, they take too long! I do them probably every few months.

  8. Tyronda King says:

    wonderful results! definitly hair growth. one day my twists are going to look like that. right now they look a hot mess! cant wait to see the twist out results

  9. curlybeanLA says:

    I am thinking of purchasing so I was reading through your Ohm reviews but see there have been consistency issues between purchases. Have you gotten more consistent jars or are you using up the one you talked about previously? Sorry if you covered elsewhere. Thanks!

    • HB says:

      I’m still on the other jar I was talking about – I think this is the regular consistency. I love it for twists but I’m not sure I would buy another jar because I don’t twist often and can use a leave-in instead.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I got the scalpiness going too. I usually wear it up when I have twists in. My hair looks kinda thick out but twisted, not at all…

    • Carla says:

      Unfortunately I do. My hair plateaued at just below shoulder length until this year when I started wearing protective styles 85% of the time. I’m finally seeing more length in my hair. That goes to show everyone’s different. 🙂

  11. Marcia says:

    Looks great! Very full and def difference from the first pic. I have tried to get my twist to look better. How do you avoid the super scalpy look. No matter what I do mine always look too spaced. And I have to braid the roots some to even get the twists to stay together. Any tips?

  12. GiGi Curls says:

    OK, it is time to fess up. What kind of hair crack are you using??!!?? Your hair is the business!!!! Do I have to go and purchase everything you have in your holy grail to have half the results that you have???

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